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MUTTEO news status update

Well currently I'm not sure what I'm doing, just the random drawings being spat out, since I tend to space out and wander to the next thing, so even when I say I'm working on a project, I usually end up dropping it because of my short attention span ^^;

I have been spamming out new characters, because I like doing that and approximately I have like 10 concepts that I have yet to polish, but yeh it's endless.  I just like lots of characters, even if it means making them flat cliches. Currently I have drawn 8 solid characters, not including 2 friend concepts and one unofficial smut character. (I'm talking about Riley, the pink kangaroo, who probably wont ever get any more time from me) Anyway I ranked my favorites:

#1 Balthazar
#2 Aidan
#3 Mutteo
#4 Clyde
#5 Eli (Originally Ethan)
#6 Kayla
#7 Tyrone
#8 Terry (Original Fursona)

At the moment, Balthazar is my favorite character (Until I get too lazy to draw him)  I've been in a bird mood lately and I had thought of making him the website Mascot (replacing Mutteo) I realize this would bother a lot of my current watchers replacing a dog with a bird, but it was on my mind a little.  Keep in mind since this is a fresh new characters, more than likely I may forget that I ever thought of this and keep it the same.  Afterall Mutteo means a whole lot to me and he's been around for about 5 yrs, and to replace with a brand new character would be kinda crazy.  To my watchers, don't worry about it right now.  Even if I decide to change my character to Balthazar, that doesn't change the fact that Mutteo is a sneaker and paw loving pup.  I love toon paws more than toon talons, so he would NOT vanish from my art.  He's still pretty cool.  Though I may have to change his fur patterns a little bit to match his bird companions.

Future Art
Once again I am NOT selling commissions.  I am selfish, I know, but I haven't felt up to it yet.  I had thought about gift art, though that's almost as hard to motivate myself to do.  So I hope you wont be offended if I say no to a trade or a commission, because it does take a while for me to do.  I'm a bit of a free spirit you see.  Besides I'd rather not be a sell out and scribble art that looks lazy and unenthusiastic.  I am not like a lot of these popular artists who think they can slap some quick eye candy and sell it for $75 a pop.  Just because they have art talent, doesn't mean the art is passionate. Gives them the new term "Art Prostitute"

So people have asked me when the next Retifism pic is coming up?  I have lot of ideas, even a comic story full of it, but I've been too lazy to work on any of it.  I guess it's because it's an obscure fetish and I want to make it fully epic that I am afraid it will be bad.

I thought of working on a comic series, but I don't know what I'd work on.  The problem with having too many ideas, I can't decide what would be good to dedicate time on.  I REALLY NEED someone to dedicate their time to writing an epic story (not a kinky one) to help be deliver something truly awesome.  Though to get someone to spend as much time on that as I do on drawings is a but much to ask for, but it's really not on my mind right now.

Flash work?
I still have 42 Boxes to finish, though I am waiting for lines again :V  I haven't been motivated to work on anything at the moment, so Flash has been discarded.  I suppose if I wanted to learn how to animate my drawings, I could make something like that, we'll see.

Thanks for your support guys and if you have any comments,questions/concerns, leave them in the drop box, thnx <3
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Added: 7 years, 10 months ago
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