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New 2013 TOS

2013 Killerwolf1020's Commission Terms of Service

What I WILL Draw
-Any Animal -Any gender or Sexuality -Transformations -Humans -Romances -Any rating
-Cubs (clean) -Vore (Soft) -Bondage -Original Character -Muscle/obesity (must be realistic) -S&M -Paws -Tentacles -Gore/Blood -Hyper -Macro/Micro -Orgies -Rave or Dance

What I Will NOT Draw
-Cub (mature) -Watersports -Any sort of Defecation
-Vomit -Vore (Hard) -Birth or unbirth -Gas/Stink -Copyrighted characters -Weight Gain (excessive) -Neutering -Inflation -Torture (extreme) I have more specific stuff I will not draw. If you have any questions feel free to ask.
Unsure If I will draw what you want? Just ask.

How my Commissions Work

I do my commissions work in 5 stages: Stage 1 is the contact phase. At this point I will try to get all the information I can about what you want. Stage 2 is the sketching stage. During this stage I will block out the basic pose and add in your characters details and stuff that is specific to the picture. Stage 3 is Improvement/Payment. You must pay after you approve of the sketch (having me alter or redo the sketch will not cost you extra but any changes you want during the inking phase will cost extra.) and BEFORE I start the final drawing. If this is not done I will not start the Inking phase. The 4th stage is the inking phase. At this point I will start inking (usually manually as most of my drawings are done by hand. Some will be done on Photoshop). The final and 5th stage is the digital inking and coloring (this step will not exist if the drawing was already done in Photoshop). This is where I make any edits to any mistakes I may and will have made and I add color if it is a flat or shaded commission. The picture is now done and is sent off to the customer.

This is how I do commissions. I try to get them done as soon as I can but keep in mind that I will be in either college or at my job so that will factor in to time constraints on my art.

You MUST be in direct contact with me (email, notes or chat but chat is not preferred.)

Please try and title your notes. It will help me keep track of who wants what.

Absolutely no third or second party contacts (the only exception is if you are doing a gift for someone else)!

It must keep my Signature and you may add a "Character (c) (Your Name)!

If you have a reference sheet please link it to me. If you don't that's ok, just give me as much detail as you can for what you want. If you do not give a detailed description I have the right to take creative action for the picture

I reserve the right to refuse commissions and halt the commission at any time (Halting meaning that I can take a break and draw my own wants but I will get the picture finished .though I will always do my best not to.)

I do not have to accept due dates on commissions. I have a life in college and will most likely be working on the weekends or on breaks.

I reserve the right to post the picture on any of my art sites. Exceptions can be made if the commissioner really does not want the picture posted. There will be a fee if you want me to keep the picture offline. This is because it is not your character I am showing around but my art. And my art is like my job. The art I post is my resume and my pride and joy. I will never claim ownership to your character but I will claim ownership to having drawn the picture. I have a right to post the art I draw.  If the art contains any of my own characters there is no exception.

I am not required to draw in a certain style but I will if asked ahead of time.

I can change a position requested if it makes the picture more artistically sound (like if an arm is in an awkward position, I have the right to change it to make the picture look better)

I do not have to send the picture to you as a print.

If you post the picture anywhere you must link back to either any of my art pages or to the picture that I post

You can ask me (almost) at any time about the progress of your commission
Please keep in mind that most of the time these commissions will be worked on during the weekend due to my life in college. This does not mean you can bug me all the time about it. If I'm taking too long for you just be patient. I also have a lot of other work I need to do too.

I may also be working on other commissions at the time so keep that in mind too

If you need a commission by a certain time (ex: as a birthday present) then talk to me about it and we will work something out

Prices are subject to change any time before the actual payment is due. If drastic changes are made then prices will be more likely to change.

Send me a Private Message OR and E-mail with: your username, what website you are asking from (FurAffinity, InkBunny, SoFurry, Weasyl, or DeviantArt), and a basic idea of what you want.

I will then decide if it is abiding to what I Will draw.

If it goes against what I Will not draw, then I will reject the commission

Most likely if you follow the rules you will get the commission

If I accept the commission then please email me with the details on what you want. (More detail the better. If you don't know what to say that's ok.)

Please give a ref of the character you want (Pictures and/or description)

We will discuss the price(s) of the commission(s) you want

Note, price may change depending on the difficulty or detail on the character and/or his/her markings

I decide on the final price, I will do my best to be fair on the prices but try to understand that some things may be difficult and take more of my time than other. But once we decide on a price that will be final and I will not change it.

I only accept payments through PayPal and only in US currency

I will NOT accept payment though a second party unless it is discussed with my prior to payment.

Please keep in mind that PayPal will put a fee on ME for accepting payment. It is not required but it would be nice if you could help pay the fee so I actually get paid for what I am drawing not less.

Do not say anything explicit while sending me payment on PayPal, I do NOT want to get banned or in trouble there. (Selling pornography on PayPal is against site rules)

Do not put anything about Furaffinity when paying me. I have been told that simply the mention of Furaffinity on PayPal could get me banned because most art sold from FA with pornography.

If you must message me on the progress of your commission, please give me time to answer your message, do NOT swamp me with messages.

If you contact me through email or note please title your email or note as this makes it easier for me to keep track of who wants what.

Accommodations can be made if the price of commission is over $100.

Depending on how far I am on your commission I can offer a partial or full refund on your picture
If I have finished your picture, no refund will be made and you will still receive the picture
If you cancel when I am still working on your picture and you get your refund (partial or full), I will hold rights to the picture as mine and mine alone, the character will be changed to be mine and I can post the picture where I wish to.

Extra prices like adding stuff to a character will depend on complexity of the item to be added.

Prices ARE subject to change over time. I will not change a price once it has been determined and paid.

All payment must be paid in full after you receive and approve of the sketch I send to you. After the inking is done then you have 3 chances to get me to change minor details on the picture.

Bigger or more changes can be debated on whether or not I understood what you wanted.

ALL payments must be done through PayPal unless you see me in person
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