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SS250's Strange World Livestream TONIGHT!!!


Begins at 8:00 PM EST SHARP... Provided RL is kind to me.

Show and tell, writing, drawing, a comic review, Daily Dose of WTF, and more! Hope you'll have fun!!!

1. I do not do requests, trades, or commissions. Asking for any of these is grounds for a warning. A second offense will result in a ban.

2. No trolling or spamming in chat. Instant ban.

3. Keep it civil. If you don't like something I say, do, or a topic I am discussing (or a game/movie/comic etc...), either be polite or keep it to yourself. I'm temperamental, and if I tell you to drop a topic, then drop it or be banned from the stream temporarily.

4. Comments and questions make for a fun stream. If I'm talking to you guys, that makes it more fun for me. If I'm just trying to entertain you on my own, it's probably gonna be a bit boring!

5. While streaming, I generally CANNOT look at links you post. Particularly YouTube links. I will not bring my stream to a halt just to take a look at some viral video or music video you've posted. If it is something TRULY relevant to what I'm talking about, let me know, but otherwise, don't expect me to look at anything you show me. Sorry.

6. If you are in my stream, PLEASE pay at least a modicum of attention? It has become a problem lately with people asking questions about comics I've reviewed that I had just answered five minutes ago. I can't stop my stream to recap the entire story for the one person who wasn't paying attention. It's okay to ask once in a while for clarification and the like, but asking every five minutes for me to repeat something I just went over is too much. Repeated offenses will result in a warning, and then being kicked from the stream.

7. Have fun and enjoy the porn!!! :3
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