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Step one steal snake...step two loose money in "trade"?

So one thing I'm glad about in what happened at work today is I was on my break and wasn't involved in all of it.  But apparently while I was on my break someone asked the manager covering the department to see our Rainbow Boa.  He did and the guy was going to buy it along with some fish.  Apparently the manager boxed it up a while and sat it up at the register and went to get the fish the guy went.  While he was getting those the guy apparently went up front, got the box, told the cashier he already paid for it and walked out.  Yeah the guy obviously didn't pay for it at all and just up and stole it.  I didn't know for sure until I was helping someone after my break and the manager came back saying the guy did just up and walk out of the store with the snake.

Of course the thing I find funny still/stupid is the fact that our store doesn't have any cameras.  So other than the description the managers and cashier can give there is no video evidence of the guy.  He did fill out the paperwork for the snake, but it's more than likely fake.  From what the one manager looked up the address and phone number doesn't match up.  But that doesn't necessarily mean anything.

Though it gets even better.  They had to call the police and make a report to them and the company on what had happened.  Even if they don't even catch the guy, which is unlikely, it's company policy.  But a short bit before I left work I was told that the Petsmart 2 miles down the road called us.  Apparently the idiot already went there and tried to trade it for another snake and for one that was worth less than the one he stole.  So even if he did plan out stealing the snake he didn't think too much on how he would get rid of it.  Along with I'm pretty sure they will have some sort of cameras at their store.  So hopefully at least they'll have a photo of the guy.

So I'll be keeping an eye on craigslist here for a little while to see if it pops up at all.  That and possibly check some of the private petshops in the next few days to see if anything comes up there as well.  
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Added: 5 years, 4 months ago
5 years, 4 months ago
Well then. Another idiot apears apparently. Seems hes stupid enough to get caught soon :0
5 years, 4 months ago
Yeah that's what I figure.  At least in one way or another.
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