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Back from undisclosed location...okay it was Eurofurence!

Whenever I feel like I have a certain "grasp" on the state of things and a pretty solid view about who I am and where I stand, something happens that completely changes everything and makes me feel like a unexperienced student, who still has a long way to go.

What happened was the following:
Since the Eurofurence was happening (or still is at the date this journal is posted) we all more or less decided to meet up. For that reason I visited my good friend Wuschelwolf and Lunatik who was already staying over at Wuschels place.
From there we went to Magdeburg and met up with Cirez , Denden21 and myaddib . But because we were not sure, because of busy schedules and stuff, if Wuschel, Luna and I were even to make it to Eurofurence, this was not an official visit. We didnt have Conbadges or access to any other places except the public hotel areas. So please no "Hey I was there too and you didnt even say hi you meani! D:" messages. This was more impromptu than I wanted it to be.

Still: I had a blast. Conventions for me were always this kind of thing that I never really paid much attention to. Which is probably rooted in some bad experiences I had with furry meetings I had when I was younger. I always felt really out of place, since - at those times - I didnt know anyone or anyone could know me. I always figured "Once I become super popular and all the internets knows my name, things will work out." But that was just an excuse to keep myself out of any events like that. It never fails to tell yourself that youre "not popular enough" to do something. :P

But the moment I entered that hotel and just saw the sheer awesomeness of it all, I was sure I would come back next year, and come back big. I know the Con will be in Berlin next year, which is even better for me, since its closer, and I will do the darndest things to get as many of my friends there as possible.

For now I will stop rambling for a bit and just shout out some thanks for making this trip as awesome as it was:

A big Thank You! to Wuschelwolf who gave me a place to sleep (and put up with me) and who cooked amazing food for Luna and me (even though he'd criticize it, but oh my god his lasagna is amazing!)

A big Thank You! to Lunatik who is just a really fun guy to be around. His super power is that he can take any song, no matter what it is, and dub it over with the word "Cat", which will put a smile on your face guaranteed. (Even if Wuschel would beg to differ, but what do dogs know, right? :P)

A big Thank You! to DenDen21 who is not only a huuuuge guy (seriously, he's like 10 feet tall) but also is just cool to talk to and very huggable, when wearing his awesome fursuit.

A big Thank You! to Cirez the cutest dragondemon you'll likely find. And he's guaranteed to make you laugh, as Wuschel found out when we were visiting Magdeburg zoo. :P The three of us also have a habit of quoting simpsons all the time, so there is that too :P Also I'd like to thank Cirez' friends who were with us for dinner on thursday. I'll get their names and add them here too.

A big Thank You! to Akuro one of my favorite artists and a very dear friend. Chance made us meet at the convention, as friends and I were hanging around in Dendens room, sifting through the conbook as I Wuschel pointed out his name in the credits and upon leaving the room made me notice Akuros doorsign on the opposite side. And as fate would have it, he was there! I'll never forget how surprised he was to see me. We havent met each other in 5 years, so this was just amazing. We got to spend some time together today and he even paid for a round of drinks - which demands payback from me, next year!

A big Thank You! to myaddib and wolfurryon who I got to meet for a bit. As well two very nice and also huggable furries.

I hope that about covers it. I'm probably forgetting people and again, since this wasnt a "official" Eurofurence for me, I barely had any time to really get to see the convention. I'm just glad I got to meet my friends in person and spend time with them. But the funny part is, I'm looking forward to next year so much, that I'm not even sad right now. I'm planning to get friends like Teren and Yanor: over from the US too, and this will require some tactial finesse. So please excuse me, I dont have time for post con depression, I need to prepare for next year! :P

Seriously though, I had a great time. I cant wait for next year.
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