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Well, it took a while, but I finally have more or less all of the artwork I've commissioned up in my gallery now.  Might not see any further uploads for a while longer, but that's how things go sometimes, especially when you would much rather put your money into other pursuits (two of them being djing, as well as noodling around with music - we won't comment about my Beatport hold bin's size, nor will we comment about the still large and hefty wishlist when it comes to things like other keyboards and/or software that I want to get my paws on - it's easily $5k CAD, and that ISN'T including the $3k Access Virus TI^2 I want to get my paws on eventually!).

Additionally, I've more or less cut the cord with FA.  I've barely used it, and most of the artists I was still following have either mirrored their galleries over or have actually moved themselves.  It's nice to be able to filter out content I don't want (grr, MLP as an example!!), and it's even better to not have to deal with a constantly changing (and sometimes wide sweeping changes) ToS.  Additionally, there's the whole lovely bit about being able to sort things on the two sites I now utilize ^_^  In fact, I cleaned up most of my gallery over on FA over two years ago, and have been steadily reducing the watch list down from something that was insanely high (somewhere around 900 something people I was watching), down to a modest 30 now.  Those 30, in essence, comprise accounts of a few friends, and a quickie list of artists I might look into commissioning at another time.

Still can't decide if it'll be SoFurry or InkBunny as the main, but I like both so I don't really care which one is the "main" :P

(Yes, this journal was copied over from the one I posted on SoFurry :P  I would've written something different for the two sites, but I'd rather mess around with my audio gear, mwa ha ha)
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