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A happy accident

I didn't intend to write this, all I wanted to do was get an outline for my Doctor's introduction. You can see how it goes from giving basic information into becoming a story. I guess sometimes all you have to do is just sit down and start writing. Eventually it will evolve into something more.

NOTE: I am an artist not a writer. If I screw up on details I'm sorry. I came up with all the names on the spot so...

The Doctor travels to earth after just regenerating. Only just finding out that he had regenerated into a woman. She goes to get dressed, and as the TARDIS lands she heads out to see when and where she is. A dark shadow is seen floating behind her, but when the Doctor turns to look there is nothing there.

A solider on leave is taking his younger sister shopping when they come across a monster attacking patrons at the mall. The solider takes up arms, and attempts to beat the creature off the other shoppers. The monster then turns it's attention to him, and bats him away, knocking him unconscious. The younger sister rushes to her brother's side, and the two are about to be eaten by the monster. The Doctor intervenes, holding the creature at bay with her sonic screwdriver. The creature becomes dazed, and the Doctor turns to help the sister get her brother to safety.

The two manage to drag the solider back to the TARDIS, once inside the Doctor scans the solider and assures the sister that it's only a slight concussion. Using the sonic screwdriver she speeds up the recovery time for the injury. The sister begins questioning the Doctor about what is happening, and the Doctor gives a quick synopsis of what is going on. "I'm the Doctor, this is the TARDIS, and that out there is a rift ray. It followed me here, but then decided to go after an easier target- you two." Banging is heard on the TARDIS doors. As the rift ray tries to get inside the Doctor begins to set a course to a place where they can get help to get rid of the creature.

Outside the TARDIS the rift ray balks as the blue box disappears, but then it slithers into where the TARDIS was standing and disappears as well.

Almost to their destination the solider wakes up. He looks around and thinks that he is dreaming until his sister helps him to his feet. He sees the Doctor and begins demanding an explanation.

The Doctor scurries around the main console. "A little busy here." She looks to the sister for help, "you fill him in."

The sister, who is just as confused and lost as her brother states that she doesn't know what is going on either.

Slightly annoyed the Doctor repeats, "I'm the Doctor, this is the TARDIS, and there is a creature outside following us called a rift ray. I hate having to repeat myself."

The siblings look at each other thinking they are in the presence of a mad woman, and they turn to rush out the door. "Don't open that door," the Doctor warns.

"You open that door in flight and you could fall into the void of time and space, and be torn into a million pieces scattered all over the universe. [which is] Not very pleasant."

The brother and sister share a look of horror and turn back to the Doctor. The sister asks, "okay then, what should we do?" To which the Doctor replies, "hold on!"

The siblings wrap their arms around one another and hold tight. The TARDIS lands with a great shutter, and all three brace themselves for the impact.

The Doctor congratulates herself on the landing, and heads to see where they have landed. The solider stops her, and roughly shoves her into the door. He gives his name and rank [Private Brandon] and orders to be filled in on what is going on.

"Oh a solider, haven't had one of you on board in a long time. You're going to be fun." The Doctor replies coyly. "Now to answer your question; we are being chased by a rift ray. A creature which normally occupies the Medusa Cascade, and feeds on smaller animals from other planets. They are normally harmless to people. However, this one seems to have separated itself from the herd. Which means one of two things, either it's lost, or it's sick, or both... Kind of like how a rouge wolf will leave it's pack and ends up hunting humans." She looks to the two sibling, and claps her hands. "Now ready?" She reaches for the knob on the door and Brandon and his sister stop her, fearing that the monster is still there.

"Don't worry, the ray fell a bit behind. He isn't out there." The Doctor assures them while opening to the door, "See for yourself."

The two poke their heads outside the door and look around. "Oh thank goodness," the younger sister sighs. Brandon takes a step outside, "where are we?"

The Doctor hops out the door and locks it behind her, "we're on Ponderosa. The planet, not the tree."

Brandon's younger sister wheels around, "you mean we're on another planet?"

"How?" Brandon stares down the Doctor, demanding an explanation.

The Doctor points back at the TARDIS many times trying to explain."The TARDIS, that's what she does. She travels through time and space." She gives the pair a confused look. "Haven't you been listening?"

"Okay, why are we here?"

"Ah, finally you ask! We are here to get help to send the ray back to the Medusa Cascade where it belongs. Now come along." She turns and heads in the direction of a large alien city. As the siblings begin to follow her she turns and begins walking backwards. "That reminds me, I never did catch your name," she says in reference to the younger sister.

"I'm Lily, Lily Cornwall," the younger sister answers while watching her footing.

"Brandon, and Lily Cornwall." the Doctor repeated, rolling the names around in her head. "Well that's a bit Cornish." She says laughing at her own joke. "So are the two of you from Cornwall?"

"No!" They both reply, unamused by the Doctor's obvious delight in making fun of their name.

"Oh... Oh well then, follow me Cornwalls," she calls back to them while continuing to march toward the city.
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