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Super short openings (another rant)

Why is it so many TV openings are short anymore? What happened to openings that where at least 30 seconds long and prepared you for the type of show you where about to see?

As far as I know, shows from Japan, especially anime, still have 90-second openings, but many of the ones that air on Toonami have them truncated to 30 seconds or less. Take the OPs for One Piece or Soul Eater for example, the full openings are 90 seconds, but when they air on Toonami they have them cut to about 20 seconds. They claim it's because they receive them this way and is why not all their anime have short OPs, like Bleach, Naruto, and most surprisingly, InuYasha, which had it's opening cut entirely in it's original Adult Swim run (Though now it's ending sequence is cut short.) However they contradicted themselves in another Tumblr response where they said it was to make room for "what makes us Toonami".

It's not just anime they cut short though, on Cartoon Network's DC Nation block, they really have short openings for their shows. Take their newest show, Beware the Batman, for example. The "full" opening's still pretty short at 20 seconds, but when they air it, they cut it to just the final 5 seconds! They did the same thing to Young Justice and Green Lantern as well, both had 20-second openings that where truncated to 3-5 for TV! Is that really necessary? Do they earn anything by cutting 15 seconds for commercials? Or do they think our attention spans are so short that we'll change the channel if we don't see the episode start right away?

Fortunately, not all networks do this. The Hub, for example, still has at least 30 seconds for the openings of most of their original shows, and for classic programs, they keep them at their original length. They only thing they do the same as other networks is crunching the credits so you can't see them, often ruining any gags they may have put in them. But that's another rant for another time.

So, any of you are annoyed by short openings too? For some reason, I feel if TTA was done today, the opening wouldn't even be as long as the first verse!
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Added: 5 years, 9 months ago
5 years, 9 months ago
Honestly I dont like openings period lol the shorter the better that how I see things.
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