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Your monthly to bymonthly update brought to you by kogie

Yep it is about that time again boys and girls. That time of the month where I tell all of you the good the bad the weird and the interesting.

The first thing on today's news cast Parent Pays a visit.

As many of you know knew or where told Tay's dad stopped by here around the end of last month and like the first day or so of this month. It was pretty interesting and fun to see him again and to even hang out with him. Tay;s dad is a very world wise man and loves I do mean LOVES to talk about what he knows. How ever I hate to say it but once you get him starting there is like no chance in heck that your going to get a say in edge wise. It can be annoying but one learns to put up with it. Now onto the fun part. while his dad was here we went swimming and went to a stream river what ever you want to call it that we have never been to before. It was pretty awesome and fun. On the 2nd tough he had to leave which was a bummer. I my self and I know Tay would of loved if he could of stayed longer then the 2 or so days he stayed.

Second in the News is Boyfriend wrongly fired.

Once more as some of you know knew or where told. Tay has been fired from his job and wrongly so or that how I feel about it at least. Once more at the ending of last month there was a hiccup at his work and 100 dollars went missing on his shift while he was manager. So they suspended him pending an investigation. This investigation took almost 2 weeks to preform and in the end they found him to be innocent of taking the money. How ever and this is THERE EXCUSE because he was acting manager there that night he was responsible for it and they had to fire him. I do not think this is fair or right. this was what I understand the first time Money of that amount had gone missing on his watch and he should of gotten a write up and maybe had the 100 taken out of his pay instead of being fired over it. Sadly how ever what I think did not matter and now instead of just one of us trying to find work it is both of our once more.

Now last in the News cast is. Wolcat vs Food-stamps

I am not Glade or happy to admit that I am on food stamps. Mater of fact I hate the fact that I have to be on food stamps at all. How ever do to Tay being fired and Me still not having a job. I Have to try and get a hold of the Food stamp case worker. Update her on whats happened. Then go in to fill out something called a GREEN REFILL FORM. or something along that name While tay need to take in a I got fired form after he gets his old boss to sigh and explain on the form why he was fired. The thing is we Have to Drive up there to do this and I have no clue where it is at, seeing as I did it all online and had them call me for my appointment. I am hoping and I state hoping lightly that Do to tay being fired out Small amount of 115 a month will go up to a higher amount and not a lowered one. I also need ot talk to my caseworker in person and see how I go about getting approved for the cash assistance they also offer.

So yeah all in all this is whats happend in the Kogies life.

This is your news caster Kogie saying thank you and goodnight
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