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Jam Scorpio AKA Powerful horse.

He goes by Jam or Jam Goat or Jam Scorpio... In reality is is the infamous Powerful Horse. Copying artwork of others and lying saying it is his.


[03:08] Jam Wolf: i find you......
[03:09] Alexander: And?
[03:09] Jam Wolf: explain now why i was banned
[03:09] Alexander: Banned when?
[03:09] Jam Wolf: let me guess
[03:09] Jam Wolf: the muscle club
[03:10] Jam Wolf: i forgot the name
[03:10] Jam Wolf: sre in nemeless dryke land
[03:10] Alexander: Nameless had many Clubs
[03:10] Jam Wolf: GMB
[03:10] Jam Wolf: this one
[03:11] Alexander: You are not banned fromt here, you are stillt here, I saw you in GMB earlier.
[03:11] Jam Wolf: i back recenply and im banned
[03:12] Alexander: I don't know I didn't do it.
[03:12] Jam Wolf: apart to you who more can do it
[03:12] Jam Wolf: of the fur present
[03:12] Jam Wolf: nemeless dryke and which more
[03:12] Alexander: I went to bed early. I did noting of the sort.
[03:12] Alexander: nothing*
[03:13] Jam Wolf: if you are present in this moment
[03:13] Alexander: I am a Staff but I am the DJ there so I can't ban... so do not look at me.
[03:13] Alexander: there is nothing I can do.
[03:14] Jam Wolf: i only want understand why so drama for one simple avatar
[03:14] Jam Wolf: i cant understand really
[03:14] Jam Wolf: this is my 3º drama
[03:15] Alexander: Drama from one simple Avatar? Please speak clearly, I only speak English.
[03:15] Jam Wolf: you are the king of drama
[03:16] Alexander: Only in your tiny world you think that.
[03:16] Jam Wolf: one soft wrod that i said and you burn
[03:16] Alexander: No, you are a douchebag.
[03:16] Alexander: Asshole, jerk... I got more... pick one.
[03:16] Jam Wolf: well, then be gently and no so bitch, im more fother fucker if i widh
[03:17] Jam Wolf: wish*
[03:17] Alexander: You are a wannabe bad ass, a fake.
[03:18] Jam Wolf: yes??  but you fag muscle furs shives as bitches when i stand
[03:18] Alexander: I seen wedding flower girls be more hardcore than you.
[03:18] Alexander: Please, I will not serve you. I do not serve losers.
[03:19] Jam Wolf: you cant, if you are the first loser
[03:20] Alexander: Nope... I am not... I got friends, family, a job and a life. I am studying in college to become a High Performance Mechanic. So I think I am far from being a "Loser."
[03:22] Jam Wolf: yes?' furry friends?? all ones that its more stupid that you?, nice that you have a job,  the people pay for fuck you ass???, and a college!!  tats nice.....  mechanic in you build a good city in Minecraft???
[03:22] Jam Wolf: you arre fags, are a shame for the bodybuilding
[03:23] Alexander: Well I am sorry if your birth certificate is an apology from the condom factory, but no need to get pissy with me. :)
[03:24] Jam Wolf: you dont be sorry for nothing, if you all are a fucking disaster
[03:25] Alexander: Hehehe You are far worst...  A lot of people do not like you. Most hate you. XD
[03:26] Alexander: If anyone is the king of Drama, it's you hunny. X3
[03:27] Alexander: Does it feel good to copy off someone else's artwork becasue you lack talent? :3
[03:28] Jam Wolf: really?? i banned people why do one no fag avatar??
[03:28] Jam Wolf: or i start to insult people when come in good mood??
[03:29] Alexander: What? Your English is broken XD
[03:29] Alexander: You do not make sense at all. Learn English.
[03:29] Jam Wolf: why no start to drink hormones for neurone production
[03:29] Jam Wolf: you fang and dumb
[03:30] Jam Wolf: one shit life really
[03:30] Alexander: Fang and dumb? I can speak english properly and have a college level reading and writing capacity. You are the one babbling like a two year old.
[03:30] Alexander: XD
[03:31] Jam Wolf: you only can say *you 0 broken englis*
[03:31] Alexander: It's cute, to see someone like you, so stupid try to pretend he is smart. :3
[03:31] Jam Wolf: you can see that you are an idiot??
[03:32] Alexander: Oh I see an idiot alright, and I am talking to him.
[03:32] Jam Wolf: are you front to a mirror?'
[03:33] Alexander: Nope I am infront of a PC screen talking to you..
[03:33] Alexander: :3
[03:34] Jam Wolf: haaa!!!  you ass is more intelligent that you head!!!  you discovered that you are into a video chat!!!!!
[03:34] Alexander: I just love how much of a little bitch you are. You insult people yet when people insult back, you hate it. You are such a little bitch. X3
[03:34] Jam Wolf: let me give you a novel
[03:35] Jam Wolf: im a bitch that fuck with my penis, you use your ass.... is very shame
[03:35] Alexander: Please in your dreams.... you'll never be the man your mother is. X3
[03:36] Jam Wolf: my mother have his husband.... only one perverted like you, one fag, can think in fuck his mother
[03:37] Jam Wolf: if i was you boss i reject you for perverted
[03:37] Alexander: LOL....
[03:38] Alexander: This proves you can't understand English at all.... Well, I bet you are so ugly... It looks like your face caught on fire and someone tried to put it out with a fork.
[03:39] Alexander: It's okay... your mother knows you are special.
[03:39] Jam Wolf: again with you sort and poor furry mind???
[03:39] Jam Wolf: yes, she know have a male son.... and your mother???
[03:40] Jam Wolf: she know that you eat cocks??
[03:40] Jam Wolf: you daddy too?'
[03:40] Alexander: Please don't try to sound smart. If you were twice as smart, you'd still be stupid. XD
[03:41] Jam Wolf: hahahah you hide yor sexuality
[03:41] Jam Wolf: like a shiver fag
[03:41] Jam Wolf: be careful.... they can reject you
[03:42] Alexander: Oh no. My parents know and accepted me being gay. I have pretty cool parents.
[03:43] Jam Wolf: yes??  but try not be a fag perverter man......
[03:43] Jam Wolf: they can hate this
[03:43] Jam Wolf: be discret
[03:44] Alexander: You are an idiot! LMAO... you talkik about how you with you put your dick into me yet I said nothing perverted like that. XD You are the real pervert! LOL
[03:44] Alexander: Yes lets peak broken English! So you can understand me
[03:45] Alexander: You pervert... Me not pervert... you talk about penis and butt... I do not... You are stupid... I am not XD
[03:46] Alexander: LOL, you must've been born on a highway 'cause thats where most accidents happen.
[03:46] Jam Wolf: the diferencev that i dressed as a man
[03:46] Jam Wolf: you know what is this?
[03:47] Alexander: DO YOU? LMAO! XD
[03:48] Jam Wolf: nods.  i looks like a faggy angel with huge butt??
[03:49] Jam Wolf: i dunny
[03:50] Jam Wolf: today i have a full deception with hungrywulffy
[03:50] Alexander: I wouldn't say that... my friends and I were in a skype call looking at your avatar, and we all agree it looks like a disaster.
[03:50] Jam Wolf: you fag mood destroyd his head
[03:51] Jam Wolf: ok
[03:51] Jam Wolf: my skype is
[03:51] Jam Wolf: Jam.Goat
[03:51] Jam Wolf: looks my avatar
[03:51] Alexander: Oh hell no! I am not adding you, until you "learn better english." XD
[03:52] Jam Wolf: yes, you are dumb.....  *betta ensgkis betta english......
[03:53] Alexander: You are the real stupid one.... How long you been speaking english yet you are still so terrible, yet my uncle came from another country and was able to speak English perfectly in 3 months and get a job as a scuba diver instructor and get married and have 3 children?
[03:53] Jam Wolf: yes
[03:53] Jam Wolf: betta enshis
[03:53] Jam Wolf: idiot
[03:54] Alexander: I known you for 3 years? And your english is still so horrific... must be sad for you to know that you can't master one of the easiest languages on the planet. XD
[03:54] Jam Wolf: you uncle is male
[03:54] Jam Wolf: your not
[03:54] Jam Wolf: for that you cant have childs
[03:55] Alexander: You mean "For that you can have Children."
[03:55] Alexander: can't*
[03:56] Jam Wolf: yes?'
[03:56] Jam Wolf: better close you fag muzzle and be less histerical bitch
[03:57] Jam Wolf: you take testosterome
[03:57] Jam Wolf: maybe you  are less dranmatic
[03:57] Alexander: No, no I am trying to teach you proper English since you suck harder at it than a whore in a wind tunnel.
[03:57] Jam Wolf: again???
[03:57] Jam Wolf: betta englis
[03:57] Jam Wolf: furrito dumbg
[03:57] Jam Wolf: you nneed betta english
[03:58] Alexander: LMAO, omg you are so terrible you make me laugh. XD
[03:58] Jam Wolf: im show you  your missery
[03:59] Alexander: Let me correct that. "I am showing you your misery."
[03:59] Alexander: Try again? Insert coin
[03:59] Jam Wolf: again???
[04:00] Alexander: Again :V
[04:00] Jam Wolf: bbetta english, im a furr gay, boottom,  dumb and u like be the king the histerical fags in sl
[04:00] Jam Wolf: hohohoho...
[04:01] Jam Wolf: 03:54] Justian Viper: Yes I wanna talk to you about that
[03:57] Justian Viper: can you not fight with him
[04:01] Jam Wolf: explain this
[04:01] Jam Wolf: faggy angel
[04:03] Jam Wolf: awwwwrrrrr the faggy boy need others to feels that is strong......
[04:03] Alexander: You mean "I am better at English, and I am a gay for bottom." Which is okay nothing wrong with you being a sub. Then it osunds like you said "I'm Dumb and I like to be hysterical king of fags." Which by all means.... if you want to insult yourself... be my guess but that is really poor self confidence  you have..
[04:04] Jam Wolf: explain why justian are  in this
[04:04] Jam Wolf: you cant fight alobne?? girly bitch??
[04:05] Alexander: I told him what I am doing and he wants it to stop. I didn't ask him to intervene. XD
[04:05] Jam Wolf: hahahah fucking fag.... "I told ya...""
[04:06] Alexander: Did you say "I can't fight this along becasue I'm a girly bitch?" Again you need to quit insulting yourself.
[04:07] Jam Wolf: the girly boy, eater proofessional of cocks, called friends  for build a huge drama
[04:07] Jam Wolf: i think that you are the class of bitches that when are raped cry and after looking for more
[04:07] Alexander: I know you are gay but no need to call yourself a cock eater.
[04:08] Alexander: X3
[04:08] Jam Wolf: hhahahahahah  and now you hate you sexuality
[04:08] Jam Wolf: you life is a disaster
[04:08] Jam Wolf: hahahahahahaha
[04:08] Alexander: Please, the only way you'll ever get laid is if you crawl up a chicken's ass and wait. X3

[04:42] Jam Wolf: i hate the dramatic fags
[04:42] Alexander: You are the definition of Dramatic. So hate yourself. XD
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