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Civil Unions

Sometimes I hear some straight people say "I don't know why the gays want a regular marriage, when their civil unions are just as good."  Well for all my straight viewers, I am here to say that a civil union is NOTHING like a regular marriage in any way, shape, or form.

1) Taxes
In a regular marriage, both spouses are able to count one another as a deductible on their tax returns; which allows them to get more money back.  The same does not exist in a civil union.  Partners in a civil union are not allowed to count one another as a deductible on their tax return because they aren't viewed as an actual couple; and therefore must fill out separate tax returns.

2) Insurance
Spouses in a regular marriage have the right to put one another on their insurance and healthcare, which allows them to be covered if one of them ends up in the hospital or needs to see a doctor.  However partners in a civil union cannot put one another on their insurance or healthcare.  In fact if a person in a civil union goes into the hospital, their partner can be denied to see them nor can they be allowed to decide how their healthcare should be administered.  The reason why is once again that people in a civil union are not viewed as an actual married couple.

3) Wills and Pension
If a person in a regular marriage dies, their surviving spouse is entitled to their positions, property, money; and pension if available.  However in a civil union, the right to the deceased lover's positions, property; and money can be denied since they are not seen as a valid couple and therefore will go to the deceased's family.  If the deceased had a pension set up, their partner in a civil union can be denied right to it since they were never viewed as a valid couple.

4) Citizenship
If a person from this country marries another person of an opposite sex that is from another country, that foreigner will automatically be given the rights and privileges of a US citizen.  However this does not apply to a civil union, so therefore the foreigner can and will be deported when their visa has expired or hasn't filed for citizenship before the civil union took place.

5) Legitimacy
Once a straight couple has married, their marriage is deemed legal and valid throughout the rest of the country and beyond.  However with a civil union, it is seen as truly valid in the state it was preformed in, with the terms varying in other civil union valid states; and seen as invalid throughout the rest of the country and in the eyes of those states' governments and the federal government.
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Added: 8 years, 2 months ago
8 years, 2 months ago
And not only that, but marriage is a beautiful thing.  Civil Unions are pretty much, what's the word, sterile and impersonal.  It's not really "official".  Oh, sure, Civil Unions are still the bond between two loving partners, but it's still not like wearing your spouse's ring proudly.

I hope that Obama changes this before the upcoming elections.
8 years, 2 months ago
I agree.  To me a civil union says "you're together, yet we don't view you as an actual couple".  The government did something like this before in the past when a lot of states didn't see a mixed race couple as legally married because they deemed that people should only marry within their own race.  In fact the Defense of Marriage Act that keeps gays from actually marrying comes in direct violation to the 14th Amendment that states that no US citizen should be denied the rights of life, liberty; and the pursuit of happiness.  We in the LGBT community point this out, but we get told that if the Defense of Marriage Act gets taken down; then Mormons and Muslims will try to marry more than one woman as will older people will try to marry kids.  I find it funny that during a southern Baptist rally down in Florida, gay marriage was of greater alarm than abortion and murder...
8 years, 2 months ago
ROFL!  Southern Baptists. xD Can't stand those dumb-asses.

I know of a website that, despite the fact it may look like a legitimate Southern Baptist ministry, is in fact one gigantic well-made farce. http://www.landoverbaptist.org/  Sad part is, this farce is based on a conglomeration of beliefs from several various Baptist congregations. xD

Anyways, I hope that DOMA get repealed finally.  Hell, Lady Gaga helped get DADT destroyed, and I hope she uses her fame to get DOMA out (as well as Obama keeping to his promise to obliterate DOMA).
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