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America the fat and the stupid

Two things that seem to go together in this country, being stupid and being fat from the food most people consume. One thing that a lot of people realize is that it's a lot healthier and cheaper than to keep going out and getting fast food all the times. Even getting frozen dinners as well. There is a "new" place opening up here shortly by me. I know a good many people have heard about it it's called chick fil a. I've never actually eaten there myself. The only time I've ever had anything from there was when I was still at Target and they ordered something for us. I liked some of the things they had, but I still didn't think it was anything special. Along with I of course have issues against their whole stance against gays.

Well the main point of this is as I had said there will be one opening up here in Hanover soon enough. After dropping Kep off at work I drove by it on my way to somewhere else. As I drove by I saw people around the store and in the parking lot in tents. My first thought of course was that people were being that stupid and waiting in line to be the first ones in the store as it opened. So I went along my way laughing at the idiots standing and sitting outside the place as I drove by. On my way back home I stopped in at work since i needed bird food and had my iguana along to get some exercise. At which point I was mentioning to the managers all the idiots that were gathered around chick fil a. Turns out it's not for the exact reason I was thinking. Apparently the first 100 people into the place when they open get free food there for a year. They also told that they're going to lock the doors or something after the people get in so there isn't some kind of riot or something. My first thought was they should burn the place down when it happens. ^^; But when you think about it it's kind of a smart thing to do to try and promote the place in the area. At the same time I didn't hear anything on it so I don't know how these people did.

I just find it sad that people take importance over getting free fast food for a year over going to work like most other people. Granted it may be nice, even though I know they'd put some sort of limit on it. But it's still fast food and you're better off not having anything like that at all. Though that's why I was laughing when I went in to pick Kep up at work tonight and there was a nasty thunder storm going on and it was raining horribly.
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