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In the Crab city there was Bronycon

So I have returned from that convention of interest. Quite an experience I must say, though I had other traveling companions as well and a room to share.

There was certainly a lot of panels that I kept my eye on attending but things don't usually happen in the way but of the most I had enjoyed my time there on each of the three days (even though I arrived on Thursday). There was already so many people there crowding the city and then the regular Baltimorians that kept confusing us as people going to Otakon.

The vendor hall was packed with all kinds of goods stuff from the prints to plushies, to those ridiculously big swords. Though really to me those things are a passing thing. For me my area is for custom commissions or the limited edition items, and free is also a great thing as well.

I got a commission first off from Andy Price (artist for the MLP comics), had a colored headshot of my pony oc. He looks like the cutest thing ever. Then one from UD77 (the guy behind the Hot Blooded Pinkie Pie), there were no explosions in my sketch. Then I was able to catch a commission from
, and we chatted and he even told us how to pronounce his name. Then finally I got one done by Lil Miss Jay, (runs Lil Miss Rarity) expert at anthro I asked for his specialty.

There after I also attending interesting panels that included Friendship is Witchcraft, Journey for the Spark, two game making presentations, comics, Tumblr Storytelling, Snowdrop, and the Roast of MLP.

People though were the most important part of the trip. Of course I talked with the commissioners but also with other normal people of the fandom. Moderate people were alright to talk and exchange stories of different topics and tell where we traveling in from. Cosplayers were of course in abundance with ready poses for pictures, though they were mostly on the move. You certainly have your online celebrities, one I meet in the vendor hall Dusty (world's manliest Brony), he seemed short for talk at the time and seemed to be in a hurry. I also meet Solrac small talked it a bit and he really likes it that he did not have to cutout ponies to fund his trip this year. Though in the after hours we had fun at private hotel parties with drinking and drinking related games, and then drunken clopfic reading. I kid you not it is the funniest thing to ever do, apart from reenacting Gangnam Style in the hotel lobby, which we did. Interesting talk though when some of us met some popular people in the fandom after hours to talk and have hot coco with. Traveling in from Texas and he hates Baltimore, but he even said he really doesn't like his fans. His explanation was something to take in, still makes me think about it how one reaches a point in which he just can't stand what he brought fourth, and for what ends. The Doctor was at his side in a drunk state, that accent, it never left him.

The night was thumping with Bronypalooza, which on the first night almost brought down the whole place that on the next day everyone was told not to jump. I was at a panel at that time and everyone in the room felt the floor moving to the beat and that was the Jitters panel.

So it was a good experience, lots of energy with people there and people that were always open to talk. I will think about going again if the fandom continues, and if the Pringles guy would stop stalking me.
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