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TMI Meme -- 50 Questions About the Author

Have definitely been out of the habit of TMIs, mostly because my schedule on Tuesday has been so busy. So here's something I grabbed from Verb to hold you over. In addition, if there's any TMI's you have for ME personally, fire away ;)

Stolen from VerbMyNoun, who stole it from GrayMuzzle

1. Full Name.
Jac "Queen of Cubsmut" inth. You can call me Jac ("Jack") or Jacy ("Jay-see").

2. Zodiac Sign.
Virgo. I fail to see how this is a relevant question.

3. 3 Fears.
My number one fear of all time is getting a misspelled or grammatically incorrect tattoo. After that, jumping insects, and the thought that a many-worlds version of me just died.

4. 3 loved things.
My family
My hometown

5. Best friend.
...is not a furry. My best furry friend is Leafy. <3

6. Last song you listened to.
I'm a sound of silence kinda person. Not sure what song was on the radio when I drove in to work this morning...

7. 4 Turn ons.
Shaved bits
Short hair

8. 4 Turn offs.
Rude attitude (!)

9. What colored underwear are you wearing right now?
I had to check. Union blue.

10. How many tattoos/piercings do you have?
None of either. Planning on getting my first tattoo as soon as I can afford it.

11. The reason you joined FA Inkbunny? (FA sucks.)
Not enough cubs on FA.

12. How you feel right now?

13. Something you really, really want.
A job as a professional author.

14. Relationship Status?

15. Meaning behind your username?
Had to ditch my old character-named, gender-specified username. Jacinth is a pretty gem and a pretty flower. It also harkens me back to my days of playing EverQuest, which is where I first learned the word "jacinth."

16. Favorite Movie.
I have a ton. 'Serenity' is what I put forth as my 'favorite movie.' My favorite movie to watch a thousand times a year is definitely 'Emperor's New Groove.'

17. Favorite Song.
I like how you ask these things as if they have simple, easily-defined answers. Going to go with 'Vesti la giubba' from Pagliacci.

18. Favorite Band.
Zac Brown Band

19. 3 things that upset you.
Someone being wrong

20. 3 things that make you happy.
Stormy weather
My kids

21. What do you find attractive about people?
So many answers... let's just go with "ass."

22. Someone you miss.
My grandfather

23. Someone you love.
The spouse and kids.

24. Relationship with parent.
Uh... good, I guess. I love them both but I wouldn't mind seeing my mother less often and my father more often.

25. Favorite Holiday.

26. Closest FA Inkbunny Friend.
Aside from Leafy, I think RD and Verb tie for second.

27. Someone on FA Inkbunny you dated.
This would require a) any person in real life to know I was furry, and b) me not being married. (Or alternately, c) the spouse being on IB... which isn't going to happen any sooner than a or b.)

28. A confession.
I have a huge ego and when I apologize for it, it's insincere.

29. 3 Things that annoy me easily.
Unsalted food
Reading other peoples' fiction
Poor grammar

30. Favorite animal(s).

31. Pets?
A dog and a cat. Far downsized from years past and loving it.

32. One thing I've lied about.
I'm gonna steal from Verb here and say my identity. I layer my identity several lies thick when participating in anything associated with furrydom

33. Something that's currently worrying you.
Being furloughed.

34. An embarrassing moment.
While training on a piece of equipment at work, I leapt to catch a line to secure the equipment during high winds... and beaned myself in the head on equipment we were moored to. In front of the safety inspector.

35. Where you work.
Army civilian.

36. Something that's constantly on your mind.
I'm always 'stewing' for my next story.

37. 3 habits you have.
I keep a habitually messy workplace. It drives my coworkers insane, but I know where everything is.
I refuse to outline. Anything.
I sing in the car.

38. Future Goals.
Finish my Great American Fantasy Novel.

39. Something you fantasize about.
Being a career writer. Starting my career as a professional author is always on my mind.

40. Favorite stores.
Anything online. Seriously. I hate driving out to any physical store other than my FLGS.

41. Favorite food.
Suuuushiiiiii <3

42. What you did yesterday.
Worked. Came home and made dinner. Watched American Ninja Warrior with the spouse. Yelled at the kids to go back to bed. Stayed up well past the spouse writing smut.

43. Something you're talented at.
In terms of writing: Pacing. It's what I struggle with the most, but overall I think I do it better than almost anyone. There's that ego I mentioned.

44. Your idea of a perfect date.
Sushi, fireworks, then all-night D&D

45. Your celebrity crush.
Emma Watson and Nathan Fillion

46. A photo of yourself.

47. Favorite Artist.
Leafy. No long lists here. Azirik and RisingDragon come in a close second, but Leafy is my favorite.

48. Number of kids you want.
3 or 4...

49. Do you smoke or drink?
I have come to an appreciation of a fine cigar, but I will never smoke cigarettes. Drink? Ask the guys on Skype....

50. THE END.
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Added: 5 years, 7 months ago
5 years, 7 months ago
I think a clarification of the term 'date' is in order.  I'm almost certain that there's a few of us here who your spouse wouldn't mind if you went to dinner with and just hang out with.  Ya know, sushi place with a few of us type hangout... even though I'm not a big fan of sushi.
5 years, 7 months ago
I dunno. The word "date" as a verb or a noun carries the strong suggestion of a romantic interest. As a noun, there's certainly wiggle room. You might tell someone "It's a date," indicating that you have agreed to a time and place. But as a verb, I would say there is no wiggle room at all. You wouldn' say "Yeah, we've been dating for years," when discussing your buddy you hang out with regularly. "Dating," or in this specific case, "dated" specifically includes a romantic interest.
5 years, 7 months ago
I see your point there.
5 years, 7 months ago
Not sure if i'm mis-reading the wording you used, but i do have to admit i'm curious...
Are you saying that your spouse has no idea you're a furry?
Does he know that you write cub smut?
Now please understand i'm not objecting to secrecy - Very few of my IRL friends know anything about my online 'life' and i'm pretty grateful for that, but i'm always nosy about how other people view and deal with that kind of thing.

Oh, and do you think your "Great American Novel" is going to have smut in it? Or will you endeavor to keep it clean?
5 years, 7 months ago
When I read the preview of your comment in my "Messages," my hackles raised, and I thought you'd wandered distinctly into NOYDB land. But, reading the full thing, you didn't cross the line that I expected you to. Thanks for that!

As for secrecy--my furrydom and the exact topic of my short stories are a mystery to my spouse and everyone in my "real" life. For the record, I believe my spouse would be tentative but supportive (especially since it earns some money), I simply don't have the guts to "come out" as it were. I am not openly furry to my friends either, though I relish the moments where I can confront a person's presuppositions about furrydom and what it entails. I've shut a few friends up when they merely spout internet-circulated nonsense about the fandom.

Regarding my novel (my "Great American Fantasy Novel"--that extra word is very important to me!), I would travel the paths my characters lead me down. I will not omit sex for the sake of omitting it. Censoring my characters would be unfair to them. That being said, I would also make a conscious effort to keep my novel out of the smut bin with the likes of 50 Shades.

Though, I do occasionally think I could write much, much more compelling smut novel than EL James.

There's that ego I mentioned.
5 years, 7 months ago
Sorry i got your hackles raised. ^^; i suppose i should probably preface my comments with a disclaimer so it shows up in the previews if i ever want to ask something sensitive again.
Unfortunately, your reply has made me want to comment even more, if that's not too much of a hassle?
First of all, i -have- to say that i certainly agree with you that you could write FAR better novels than EL James. i don't often outright buy books (yay libraries!) but i think i would definitely shell out for something you wrote, smut or not.
... am i not supposed to feed your ego? :3

Anyway, i again agree with you about both keeping one's furrydom a secret, and relishing the chance to explain certain things to ignorant or merely curious people who i talk to. "Coming out" is something that, yes, i'm nervous about doing, but honestly, i don't think that i'm ever going to have to worry about. Most of my friends are either furries themselves, or know and accept that i'm crazy in one way or another. My parents are really understanding people, but they're not really interested in my... preferences. To them, it's in TMI territory now. xD

As to your "Great American FANTASY Novel" - i respect and admire your choice to not limit yourself to sex or no-sex in your book, and instead follow the flow of the story and characters. A large number of books and unpublished stories i've seen read much better because the author decided to let the plot travel in whatever way was most natural, even if it meant including adult material in some form or another.

Finally... what does NOYDB mean?
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