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Feminist complaining about video games.

First of to start this, I want to make it clear I am not sexist in any way. I believe women are capable of preforming the task men can do equally. That is one quality of the human species I love. Unlike most animals were the male or female are too powerful. Without a queen in most bee or ant colonies, the colony dies, however as soon the male mates with the female, he then dies. Or where in some cases the male is the leader , like in lions... when a new male defeats the older male lion from his pride, the cubs of the previous father are killed and started over with new cubs, and the new lion being the father.

The Human race is one of the few species on earth were the male and female can play in any role. And sure, the show Brain Games has proven the mind of a male and female human are different when it comes down to some tasks. However, in the end, the scores will tie up no matter what.

Some of you may disagree, but I disagree with you if you can't see both genders are good as the other when it comes to us humans.

Okay now with that established on my part, I can carry on.

Some women are complaining that there are too many games were there are a damsel in distress and the main protagonist is a male. Yeah there are many games like that I do agree.

The one speaking on the film uses games like Zelda and Castle Crashers for example. What got me flailing my arms like a angry orangutang was the fact she states on part 2 on YouTube; The reversal role of gender were the woman is avenging death on her Boyfriend or Husband is none existent.


I fine that very false... Games like Metroid were Samus a female space faring bad@$$ bounty hunter is taking revenge on Ridley for the death of her parents... and another Game, Starcraft2; Heart of the swarm *Spoiler Alert for those that didn't play and want to.* When Kerrigan found out her boyfriend Jim Raynor was captured and executed, she turns back into the Queen Of Blades to exact her revenge on the tyrant leader.

Another thing what I think people (both male and female to make it clear) like her, in the Zelda series she uses in Part one... Zelda represents Wisdom and Peace. Link represent courage, heroism and in some cases change of for a new world. Gannon Represents Strength, and Obedience, which is shown in his powers can lead to suffocation and eventually corruption.

However, they look over that without any of the three, the other can't exist in the Zelda Trilogy. Zelda is the one that maintain peace, Ganon Corruption, so Zelda and Ganon will butt heads and Link to restore order depending on what path of the trilogy you go.

In another game were the female has a equal role. Left4Dead and Left4Dead2, there is one female in the group of survivors. The comic explains why there aren't many female survivors... (The immunity/Carrier gene is passed through the father.) However all characters preform the same. This game is like you and 3 friends are racing in the same model car. It's not the car that determines who wins... it's the driver.

Another game, you can be a male or Female is FallOut 3 and both genders can be a good guy or bad guy.

The list goes on. (Help me out with some games you know were a female is the hero by commenting below.)

The Damsel in distress has been a cliche concept that has been beaten and used more than a recycled pinata.Many Indy games abused the living daylights out of this. However, this is not a bad idea either. The games were gender reversal roles have proven that it can be as good too. It's not men want to show they can be in trouble in their weakest hour. It's the story teller. Either male or female protagonist when it comes to games, if it has a good story then players will play it.

Batman Arkham Asylum has this when you download Cat Woman and play her missions is a decent example.

Point I am trying to make is I know there are plenty of games were you can play Female or both genders equally. While this lady makes it seem like there are only so little female protagonist role games...

*goes plays Bayonetta*

You can check out her videos here;

Part 1;
Part 2;
Part 3;
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Added: 5 years, 7 months ago
5 years, 7 months ago
If they don't like it, they can go and make a game. X3
5 years, 7 months ago
I legitimately wish she would, she's freaking brilliant. It would be an amazing game.
5 years, 7 months ago
IMO I do not think she is brilliant at all. :/ But that is my opinion after all.
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