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And my life improves! /Sarcasm

Right. I just spent two great days in Yarmouth with my kids (it was my daughters first birthday!) and came back yesterday (Thursday). And what do I come back too? Getting off the first bus, I get a call from my mother (who I'm living with right now, obvously), and you know what she told me? We had been burgled. Some fucker broke into my mothers home sometime on Thursday, through MY bedroom window, and just ransacked the place. Nothing large is gone, it's mostly jewlry and small things (the largest thing taken was my mums laptop). I personally dont have much missing, just a few videogames (my favorite ones no less D:) and some cheap ass pieces of jewlry I had laying around. But, there is one thing of mine that was taken. Something that is tearing me up every time I think that some cunt that isn't a part of my family is holding right now. My Uncles ring.

Some of you who know me very well know the connection me and my Uncle had. The fact that my Uncle was my father figure, the kind of man I wanted to grow up being. The man who tought me how to treat those around me, to always be kind and try to help others. The ring he left me wasn't something of huge financial worth. Maybe a few hundred pounds or so. But the memories it held, the fact that almost every day I'd wear that ring on my necklace so I always had his memory close. But the one time I decide not to wear it, not to take it with me on a trip, it gets stolen?! How can this fucking month get any worse for me, seriously? I had such a brilliant time with my kids (and even my ex, we had a blast), to come home to london to this bombshell being dropped in my lap? It's like someones just wrapped barbed wire around my heart and is pulling it as hard as they can.

I do have a few other items of jewlry that was stolen, a gold watch and gold ring my Grandad left me, but they dont hold the significance that my Uncles ring did. My nan knows that, and knows how much that this has torn me up. It's just lucky that this cunt that came into my home didnt find my Uncles WWII medals. Because of those had gone, I'd seriously be in some emotional trouble right now. I've lost my biggest link to my Uncle now. His medals do mean a lot to me, but not as much as that ring. It may seem petty to some of you, to hold an item in such high regard, but you honsetly dont understand what the ring meant. My uncle never took it off. Through his entire life he kept that ring on, till the day he died. And it's only been five years since his death and now it's gone? I highly doubt I'll ever see it again, but I can only hope that the police somehow retrieve all of our jewlry. Because a lot of my mums things are very rare.

But yeah, thought I'd let you lot know whats now happening in the shitstain that is my life. Who says Rabbit's have it easy, eh?
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Added: 8 years, 2 months ago
8 years, 2 months ago
Poor bunny *holds* That really sucks. Im so sorry. I hope they catch them and can retrieve everything stolen.
8 years, 2 months ago
*sighs and hugs tight* I'm so sorry that this happened to you. While you've made it clear that the ring had lots of sentimental value and it represents someone important in your past, it's still just a thing. What's important is that your uncle's memory lives on in your heart and that memory is so potent/powerful that you don't need any thing to remind you of that. What's even more important is you (and your family members) weren't harmed in the process, because I couldn't tell you how painful it would be if I lost you, bun. *clings* You know I'm here for you whenever I can be. Please take care of yourself and try to recover from all of this. You don't need another event keeping you down after everything that's been going on. *kisses softly* =/
8 years, 2 months ago
*hugs you* I sure hope they find your uncle's ring.
8 years, 2 months ago
At the very least you should count your blessings. No one was hurt and everyone seems to be in good health. That's more than I can say as I've gone to two funerals in the past week. Just love who you can while you can.
8 years, 2 months ago
bani had that happen to bani, most bani can say is keep an eye on pawn shops an such to see if it surfaces there an make sure you regester it stolen with the police cus if its black marketed an they catch someone weraing it then that way yu can get ti back
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