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Weekly & Monthly Updates #1

Hello everyone out there at Inkbunny, I just wanted to let you all know that I apologize for not putting my updates in their proper place in the form of a journal but I'm starting it as of now so I don't ever make the same mistake. Just in case most and/or all of you forgot some of the updates that I had mentioned recently from (6/15/13) to my birthday on (7/22/13), here they are and enjoy. One more thing, I will be removing the recent and old updates and will be replacing them with newer ones soon enough. Until we meet again my fellow Inkbunny friends and members I will CUL8TR ;3. Oh, and as I close this edition of my weekly & monthly updates here is the latest update that I have for you all to read for July 28, 2013 (7/28/13) plus I will be changing my profile icon by Monday or Tuesday whenever I get the chance.

Update (6/15/13)
Just wanted to update all of you, that after two birthdays or so my current age now is 29 and I'm almost close to age 30 on my next birthday on July 22. Also the following pieces of the text I quoted, "I'm new here and I want to let you know that I like to play games and I also like to surf the net." and "my birthday is on July 22 and was also born on July 22 in 1983." Please ignore my old age which was 27, and just remember that my age is now 29.

Update (6/16/13)
HAPPY FATHER'S DAY everyone, and also just so you know that I forgot to mention that I recently got a job working as a floral clerk at a local grocery store and I work from 8:00 AM to 11:00 AM. I also have some BREAKING NEWS, and I do mean breaking news. Ekuhvielle who I just decided to watch recently had just announced to me that I didn't write back, PM'd back or emailed back to him since 4 days and says that he thinks that I'm no longer interested in him and above all after replying back to him in the form of a PM via Inkbunny and email with a bit of truth he told me that I was lying when I was trying to explain to him. So for my sake and yours, if you're interested in watching me and being my best buddy and/or furry buddy please let me know whenever you get the chance. If you do, then maybe we can have the chance to exchange notes and maybe and yet possibly tell each other what we have been doing recently and also found some very interesting stuff that we might like to share with each other and along with others as well.

Update (6/27/13)
I just wanted to let you all know that Ekuhvielle is finally talking to me, and above all he is back in business by being interested in me and I'm also back in being interested in him as well. We are finally exchanging notes after a little discussion, and I hope that we will keep it that way no matter what. ATTENTION! ATTENTION ALL INKBUNNY MEMBERS! I have just looked through everyone's messages in the form of each of their journals, and I just found out that everyone is asking to avoid certain members such as RottenRobbie, Lurdanjo or whoever due to circumstances involving harassment and abuse of different kinds or whatever. I'm asking those that are asking everyone to avoid certain member like the two that I mentioned in this update of mine to come forward, leave me a message in my Inkbunny Message System along with my email inbox if you're interested at bigd33309@yahoo.com and above all work out this certain dispute against each and thinking of solution for each other plus using the term letting bygones be bygones for everyone here when they agree to work out the problem with a solution one way or another. Until then, I hope you will all work it out together and decide to end this by making peace with one another and calling a truce towards everyone. Thank you, respect one another, be nice to each other and furthermore behave :|.

Update (7/4/13)
Happy Independence Day everybody! I hope that you will all have a safe and sane 4th of July, and above all celebrate this holiday responsibly without any certain incidents. So grill out with some burgers and hot dogs, or maybe even some beer butt chicken which my dad came up with for the latest meal idea in his mind even if it's a weird idea or whatever you want to have to eat on this glorious holiday for the good old United States of America. Anyways, have a safe and happy Independece Day everybody =D.

Update (7/10/13) to (7/11/13)
Sad news everyone =(, my new found friend and recently watched Inkbunny buddy Scheknul has unfortunately been banned from Inkbunny:[. At this time, I would like to wish him lots of good luck plus I hope he finds a new place to display his artwork along with himself and more soon enough =|. If anyone knows where old Scheknul went to, please let me know by leaving me a message at the PM center here at Inkbunny and you can also leave me a message in my email inbox at bigd33309@yahoo.com. If anyone can't help me figure out where Scheknul went to, then I would like to bid a fond farewell with all of you even though he's not dead and also have a moment of silence thinking about the good times we had together with him and also thanks for helping me one way or another and also I am sorry he has been banned from here but he will not be forgotten as I give him a less dishonorable discharge with a honorable discharge with a proper send off courtesy of me as I remember him in my own heart and never forget him at the same time. Until next time, this is bigd33309 signing off for the moment :|.

Update (7/22/13)
♪♫ Happy birthday to me! Happy birthday to me! Happy birthday to yours truly! *stops singing for a moment and says* Me of course the BigD known as bigd33309... *then resumes his singing* Happy birthday to me ♪♫! Just wanted to let you all know that today is my birthday, and I'm going to be 30 years old this year <:3. So happy birthday to me, and I do hope that my next birthday will be an excellent one. Oh by the way <;D, I've been getting some great gifts from my family and friends and I really like them so far. I hope that you all will remember my birthday today, and wish me a happy birthday today when you all get a chance <;). Hope to hear from all of you soon <:).

Update (7/28/13) - NEW
Sadly my birthday is over for now since I had celebrated it with my friends and family along with my family members and relatives :|, but just so you know that I'm not really worried about it and above all I really had an excellent birthday along with some great birthday parties :D. I even got some great gifts from some of my family members and relatives =], and some excellent gifts from my family as well which I really like very much :). I'll tell you what the gifts are that I got on my birthday real soon, but until then I hope to update you on what's happening with the world of Inkbunny, along with furries and more :]. Until next time my fellow Inkbunny friends and members, see you real soon ;3.
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