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Gryphal Documentary Vol. 1: male breed overview.

Hello, I would like to share some of the lesser known species from the multiverse created around my writing. This time round, I'm giving a generalized introduction to the male gryphal. Mind you, the males and females are very very different, and there are so many breeds of male gryphal that I have not yet fleshed them all out, so this isn't going in one journal. >v>

At first glance, the male gryphal seem like a different type of gryphon, and to be absolutely honest, you wouldn't be entirely wrong. Mishaka, yes the same one you seen in the Agrok story, returned and took over a world with a swelling army of creatures he created, most notably the gryphons he modeled after those that tipped the scales in the first multiversal war. After a time, when his magic met resistance he could not just over power, it became clear that he needed something a little more potent than his gryphons in answer to the opposition's own creations that they called gryph.

While making 'improvements' on his gryphons to forge a new species, Mishaka decided to remove the inconvenient aspects of a living creature, like love, compassion, kindness, and fear. Now he did not remove all fear, the male gryphal were built to fear him specifically and fly at his whim.

There were dozens of breeds and sub-breeds of the male gryphal that were designed to serve specific functions and purposes, making them truly horrific in those functions. No living thing was ever safe from them. if it were not for the interference of Gravin Darkfeather and the true soul of the body Mishaka had stolen to return, the male gryphal would have bred and been an utterly unstoppable force that would have scoured all life from their world. Thankfully, those two managed a subtle tampering to the creation of the beasts that caused sterility amongst the males. Seeing a futility in trying to breed the males directly, Mishaka simply stripped away all sexual desire from the horrors and replaced it with a lust for bloodshed and causing pain. The same rewarding sensation other beings got from sexual interaction was the only joy a male gryphal could ever know, and it was only felt when they inflicted truly gruesome and grotesque acts of violence upon a victim. His solution to the sterility was to create the females with the ability to mate and breed with male gryphons. he then crafted a blanketing spell that would trigger every female gryphal that was pregnant in stages earlier than a certain point to produce a male gryphal child, regardless of what had already started to develop. The females will be explained in greater detail later.

Some characteristics of all male gryphal breeds are the serrated beaks and talons. These were designed to cut jagged wounds in their victims so that even if they survived their battle with the gryphal, the odds of healing fully and correctly were very very low. The talons on a male gryphal are far more dense than those of a gryphon, with a rather different shape, giving them a true cutting edge on the inside of the hook. All male gryphal are sterile and exhibit extreme levels of aggression toward all other creatures. They are solitary with the exception of the Dryn, which had a swarming habit. Every male gryphal has a lowered pain sensation, serving better in their role as disposable troops that will do as much damage as possible before they die fighting. The last shared trait of all male gryphal breeds is the rusty red eyes, resembling twin pools of drying blood. Just like a bird's eyes, gryphal eyes do not show any whites to their eyes.

This concludes the overview of the male gryphal. A closer look at each breed that I have mapped out will follow as I find time and interest in typing up their in depth descriptions. This species has been in construction for over ten years now. i would like to hear any thoughts and opinions on them as we go along. please keep any criticism constructive.
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