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Back From Camping (A Day Early)

Hiya peoples!

So, this little trip had some very unexpected factors.  Most of them unwanted  ^^;  But any, here's the summary:

Saturday: I drive out to my gf's place to stay the night, then we'd pack her things in my car with my already packed camp gear and me up with my folks along the way to our old campgrounds; Pinecrest, CA.  Well along my way to her place, my car's 'check engine' light comes on......DAMN!  Well, never got the chance to find out what the deal was, so we had to pack all my stuff in her car to take instead.  Plus add gas and air into her tires.  So was a bit of a rocky start, but we made it to the grounds alright.  The rest of the day was just setting everything up and hanging at the site resting.

Monday: Much more like a good camping day  ^_^  I took my gf on one of my 'MUST DO' activities at Pinecrest: Hiking completely around the lake.  It was a loooong trek for her up and over many hill-y and rock laden areas through a very skinny trail, but she made it!  Although she enjoyed it overall, she doubts she'll do the entire length again.  Rest of the afternoon was just relaxing by the lake shore.  Then at about 3pm, massive clouds moved in, booming with thunder.  We packed up quick to head back to our site, just before it started to lightly rain.  Me and my dad spent the next hour or so digging up a trench line around our respective tents to keep possible water flow away from them.  And RIGHT when we finish........the raindrops stop.  ^^;  Well, my family always make themselves fully prepared not matter what.  Can't really argue with that...

Tuesday (Today): Although we planned a fully lake/beach day, the sky remained overcast with thick clouds all day, and we decided we wouldn't end up fully enjoying ourselves if it stayed overcast.  So me and my gf took out a paddle boat for about and hour while the folks hanged out at the shoreline for a bit, then we headed back and began packing up our site early.  Because at this rate, the only thing we'd miss out on was just another night's sleep there.  So we packed up within 2 hours and headed back for home.

It may have been much shorter than all our past trips years ago, but all and all it was nice to come back to the old forest after so many years away.  ^_^  And was great to show my gf her very FIRST camping experience which she fully enjoyed.

Well, now I'm completely tired and weary from quite a busy few days; which had a share of obstacles I easily could've done better without.....But such is life!  Anyway, see ya'll around!
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Added: 5 years, 8 months ago
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