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I want to kill this guy...

whoever made this virus needs to die in a fire while being skinned alive with a rusty peeler while having acid and salt rubbed into their eyes

it won't let me restore my computer

it won't let me reset it

it won't let me start in safe mode

anyone know how to completely erase a hard drive?
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Added: 8 years ago
8 years ago
#1 Reboot the computer with a copy of windows in the cd-rom drive, if it asks to load the cd, click yes and format\install a fresh copy of windows.

If it doesnt, reboot - bios acess- chose primary boot drive - cd-rom- save and exit, reboot, then do #1
8 years ago
just put in your windows DVD/CD and use the setup process to delete the partition on the hard drive

you might just have that fucked up spyware thing that can't be removed yet.
8 years ago
If worst comes to worst, you could try an Ubuntu live cd and copy from one HDD to the other if the first HDD didn't just croak instead of a virus
8 years ago
I mention Ubuntu specifically since it shouldn't suffer from a windows virus while trying to get stuff done.
8 years ago
I love Ubuntu
8 years ago
Send the PC with a technical, he can help better, because maybe we can say you how, but what will happen if you erase something important accidentally? well I say it by experience. x)
8 years ago
Right click "My Computer"
Startup & Recovery
Display list of operating systems
Check -> 60 seconds.
Forces pause at boot screen for F8 selection.

Enable hibernation support, hibernate computer, on resume, F8 options available.
8 years ago
I wouldn't trust any computer that has been that badly infected without a clean install. 'Cause you can never know for cretin that you got it all.
8 years ago
I think I had that once. I THINK. There is a trick to it. Hit Crtl Alt Delete before the program has a chance to start. Apprently it won't shut down programs already running. It will only stop them from running. You SHOULD be able to shut down the virus process from there, then run an anti virus.
8 years ago
While attempting safe mode just keep force power downing the system. It should pop up with system restore. run it. f that doesn't work grab you a live cd of puppy linux and save what you can.

Puppy linux
8 years ago
If you have the virus i think you have, download a program called malware bytes, then after it installs, rename the .exe file.  the virus wont recognize it and you should be able to run a scan with it.  That took care of it when i got it.
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