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Back with version Beta 11.

There's some nice new things for this mini-emergency-update:

    *  Bulk Uploads feature allowing users to upload a whole lot of submissions at once in a zip file. Just go to "Create" > "Submission" to use it.

    * Changed the font and line-height of text in the Story box on Story submission view pages to make them easier to read.

    * Fixed problem with importing non-UTF8 encoded text files for prefilled story text.

    * Fixed bug with rapid day/night changes in the background caused by two damn apostrophes in the javascript.

    * Disabled all background animations and scrolling tricks in preparation for removal of those features and an overhaul of the background system.

    * Removed redundant "Pool Updated" notices when the users will see that image in New Submissions anyway.

    * Made Private Messages "speech bubbles" in the Private Message view look a bit more pretty.

    * More security fixes.

Remember, you can see the full list of changes any time at our Revisions page: https://inkbunny.net/revisions.php.

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Added: 12 years ago
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12 years ago
I think the Revisions page is a neat addition.  Too bad it only goes back to Beta 7.  I'd be interested in seeing which features were added with each version before you opened the private beta.  Because you surely didn't get to Version 0.9 Beta 7 (or Beta 6, whichever started the private beta) by just picking random version numbers.

It may just be me being a computer geek, but I'm interested in the process that lead up to this beta as much as I am with the current product.
12 years ago
Unfortunately it takes a long time to write up revision info for each version! That's why we started with only a recent version and went from there.

I have to go to our bug tracker logs to build the info up for each version in a nice format that can go onto the revisions page.

Before that earliest reported revision is 400 listed bugs/features that go back 6 months to when we started using a bug tracker. Before that I was working on the project myself and was using a text document to track changes and issues for a further 6 months or so. There's just too much data to make into a nice revision page without spending days doing it. XD
12 years ago
Sometimes I wish I knew PHP so I could help out a site like this.

I'm fascinated by programming, but I have trouble focusing my mind on learning stuff. o_o

How did you learn PHP?
12 years ago
I played around with it in my spare time, making little things for my websites or other easy projects. Every new project was bigger and more complex than the last one so I learned step by step. But I never took any classes or learned off anyone else. I think most people learn PHP by just messin' around with it. :P Google for PHP howtos is the best way to start from scratch.
12 years ago
I did take one course in Oracle SQL (which was a requirement for the second C# class which made use of SQL databases), so I at least know my way around SQL databases. ^_^

I've been told that the official PHP site has the best guide.  I just have trouble with motivation and focus. ;_;
12 years ago
Yeah that's what it's easiest to start with a little project for something you really want to make. I never learned just by reading docs. I got too bored. XD
12 years ago
Looks like everything is running fine for me. :) Thanks for the hard work. ^_^
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