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dream journal entry #1 if you might know what this dream is trying to tell me plz mssg me thanks

Dream log #1
i can only recall bits and peices of the dream thats the only thing i hate about dreaming is that when you are in the dream like stasis you are aware of everything but when you wake up its all a blur but some of it is able to be remembered first i think i was in stephies house (a friends) and....... i saw .. james he ...... he had a gun pointed to my brothers head alex and he said that if i came closer he would be the new paint on the walls ......... then for some strange reason i then remember being in a hotel room and there was my mom but she looked younger (maybe not even my mom) but then i whent to the lobby and there he was again james with my brother in a chair in the middle of the lobby with a gun pointed into his ear but what really creeped me out was that he was smiling and he said i love you and the he grabbed james by the arm and then ............ all i can remember is a white flash that lasted for about 20 seconds then i saw my brother and james on the ground and then my brother got up with the gun in his hand now he handed it to me and then he fell and dissapeared and this was even creepier for james then woke up and .......... he .......had the gun i had but i still had mine i ran he chased after me and the i remember being in a garage and looking straight into the eyes of james (so i thought) then i felt the gun i  my pocket i took it out and starngley the clip morphed into a rail gun clip and then back to a normal handgun clip i inserted the clip and then i pulled back the cockbarrel and i held my breath ............ he ...he was gone and my brother standing where he was and then faded away and then i remember going to a weird mansion and it was dark out and it looked like i was in the backyard and then i saw the back porch lights on and a door that was open i walked inside to find stephie james's gf and she was screaming at james to put the gun down and suddenly i reached for mine and it was gone and i was terified and then i dont know why but i was an idiot and ran in to find stephie and the whole room was coverd in dirt and clothes on the ground everywhere and then i saw stephie and she pointed to a dresser and she said to open the second drawer and i did and i saw my handgun this time it had ammo and it morphed like before and back again then i pulled the cockbarrel to find it has allready loaded but i didnt care i let my body do the work in the dream and i let a bullet unfired fall to the ground it discharged and it hit my brother behind me (well i didnt know this for sure but when i turned around he had a bullet hole on his left shoulder) i then turned around to see my brother left shoulder gushing blood as if i hit a major artery and he fell to his knees to reveal that james was behind him he put the gun to his head and then in a blink of an eye i was behind a sheet of glass and james was still there and the gun still pointed in my brothers ear and he smiled and laughed i looked back and saw stephie with a tear in her eye and she said "put the gun down this is not funny" and then i held the gun up and aimed and he looked at me and gave me a smirk and i yelled "i will fucking do it i will blow your fucking brains out and make sure there is no way you ever survive" he laughed and then i said " i will fucking pull the god damn trigger you insignifigant peice of shit" then he smiled even wider and then he said "say goodbye to your brother or what was your brother" i saw his trigger finger flex i pulled the trigger he was gone but i looked and i had shot my brother in the face and he said great now im in trouble he fell to the ground the hole in his left side of his skull was bleeding out and then my mom (probably not my mom looked way to young and slim) sha had said that the veil has been closed and that everything was back to normal and then i woke up and i am wrighting this at 12:20
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