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Game Idea

Free-roam based NFS-style game.

Guys, I have been thinking on sharing my toughts on what a perfect racing game would look like, and it would be very nice if I was able to make it real. With the appearance of proper Need for speed competitors, like Ubisoft's "The Crew", and Microsoft's Forza Horizon, I would like to come up with my ideas "possible competitor" as well.  The most important thing would be the thing with Multiplayer...
The game would be both online and offline, and I want it to be something that supports not only racers competing against AI, human opponents or both, but also lonewolves and teamsters alike.
The game would give all the freedom to the player on what to do with wich race route, or territory. The game would basicly have circuit and sprint routes on an open world wich covers jungles, forest, beaches, deserts, mountains, snowy areas and cities, and many other possible environment the islanders brang from their homeland. Each route will contain multiple challenges, single race, lap knockout, drift, time attack, etc... For circuits and tracks , laps could be given with the maximum of, I dunno, 8 laps, while you cant change the distance of sprint roads... at least I dont know what to do with them at the moment.
Outside races the player would roam the island looking for challengers, clubs/taverns/cafés/other hellholes, Vehicleless Action Sequences (First Person Shooter style), robbable vehicles, cops to pursuit and missions.

Challengers could either offer you to pick a finnish line and race you that way, or you could engage in an outrun race, wich would be as simple as in underground 2. The winner will get a prize in the form of money and experience point.

As a bonus, the island does not only offer asphalt as your race source. Other than Street racing, you can also off-road races in form of Rally, the only restriction being that only Off-Road(able) cars would be allowed to race. Otherwise, off-road routes would be same way as others: circuit and sprint roads offering race, time attack and ko modes like the others.

Other than allowing you to make the streetracer version of Rally, the game would offer you bonuses like drifting and Drag. Drag can be done with up to 4 players, while Drift would be a competition of high score. Another bonus would be closed tracks for legal racing, in wich you never see cops or traffic, but you abide by two kinds of rules: Official means you have to drive normally, you cannot hit the opponent for example, and you must slow down when someone suffered an accident. The other would be custom, where you set up the rules.
Two other bonuses would be tournament and knockout modes to return from the abscence. Tournament mode would be a small championship where you go through

Certain vehicles can be used in yet another bonus, destruction derby, where you fight for your own survival, while wrecking others' cars.

While you can cruise the entire island with a vehicle, while no walking allowed on the streets, you must consider tho some walkjob, wich I refer to: The action sequence or the first person shooter part. Certain parts of the world can be entered to walk in them, wich opens up tons of possibilities: You can visit your friend's house, you can drink a can of beer with the bartender, you can even sneak into the police department if you want to know the actual crimes in town. You could also see some places wich are intended for some fighting, wich you could not see in the streets before. While youre in places like this, you will encounter puzzles, and can find treasures and information packs wich you can return to certain clubs and cafés, most probably your safehouse. A lots of times you will find yourself not only collecting cars, but also weapons, like shotguns, smg's, et cetera.

Renember that each FPS sequence will be separated in a way that should keep the game as a racing game. If you have found something in area 52 that you can only make use of in Castle Brastaca, you have to drive your way there, and if you had Enemies on your tail, wich will be cops, you will be in pursuit, wich you must evade. During combat, your bounty grows fast enough for your pursuit to start on federal level, even if you entered the day as not wanted.

Of course the pursuit system would take its basis from Need For Speed most wanted and Carbon, and of course, World. I dont think I'll have to explain pursuits, but the longer you are in a pursuit, the more agressive the police gets, wich you can follow in the Heat-o-meter of its own. In Heat 1, you will be pursued by basic patrol units, while in maximum heat, the fastest sports cars will make the basis of the pursuing units, and all possible tactics will be done against you, from spiked roadblocks to in-run deployable spikes, agressive helicopter support dropping spike strip as well. The pursuit will be hard, but not impossible. The world will be full of pursuit breakers wich can be released upon the pursuers, as well as the player can take some traps with himself, as in Need For Speed Hot Pursuit 2010 too. The player is even allowed to team up with others to get rid of the police force together, and classic tricks like usual turning also help with any height of heat.

This game, of course, can be played as a cop too. Cops will not have the races but can always catch racers cruising or during race. Every time one or more racers are engaged by the player in pursuit, each will be registered in the blacklist, ensuring that there is no losing for the police ever, even when their suspects escaped a lot. The police's FPS sequences would be, of course, guarding against rebels, who are on the look for anything the area offers.

The most wanted style pursuit system allows cops to arrest racers without crashing their cars, as long as they can slow them down and hold them stopped for enough time. I will probably think for a lot of other stuff cops can do. Cops will have access to lots of different pursuit cars, most of them based on the same cars the racers use.

The game would allow customization for import tuners and most musclecars. Bodykits, hoods, rims, spoilers, rear view mirrors, custom interiors, audio, neons, nitrous purges, window tinting, and other stuff will be available as tuner exclusive. On the other hand, every single car will receive custom paintjobs. And most cars will get performance upgrades too. Most musclecars and import tuners would also have special packs making them rally cars and offroad vehicles, while for the offroad part you could also get 4X4 trucks and suvs too. Trucks and suvs cannot race the other vehicles tho. But in pursuit, they can be used to support by smashing cop cars more effectively than others.

All this in an open world built around street racing and police pursuit, while offering on foot adventures and other activites.

An other idea would allow people to either reach races by free roam or game setup menu, latter wich is used in earlies need for speed games from 1 to 4 mostly. Arcade mode would allow both racers and cops to search for racers in free roaming or set up races from the menu, without the fps sequences and other bonuses, except track racing, drift, and drag, as well as rally, added to it. Here every single car is available all the time, without having to buy them, unlike in Career mode wich would have everything I said so far.

The game would contain a singleplayer mode and a Multiplayer mode separatedly. In Multiplayer, you could do the same stuff as in singleplayer arcade and career modes, except for the addition of human players, wich you can make a team with, or compete against. As I said, the game supports loners and teamsters alike, as well as racers and cops, wich will make servers full of races and pursuits people play against each other. The best would be probably if Gamespy would provide the multiplayer.
Adding cars would be possible in a similar manner as NFS4 had, and you could also give the game different physics and graphics if you dont like it as it is. Add music too by copying them into an folder, so yea, this IS a complicated game idea, but at least its fun.

The game would support 4 +1 types of vehicles: Exotics would be the fastest type, with less acceleration, Musclecars would accelerate faster than others but handling's make them ideal for professionals, Tuners would be best at Handling but lack speed, Off Road will be made typically for their separate races, and support work. +1 means there could be a possibility of motobikes too, but I dunno. Exotics would totally lack customization, for most part thered be only performance upgrades, otherwise, no customization. Tuners and most, not exotic-like musclecars would on the other hand have said options.
The game would have all important real life licensed cars, as well as unique fictional vehicles. Real cars would have a showcase, interior, slideshow, and probably a video.

An island full of Scenic drives, beautiful cities, Cops, elitist and rebels, tuners, musclecars and exotics, that is the island wich still needs a name. Otherwise I used the same island for this game idea as my story wich also revolves around street racing and pistol gun fighting alike, so you can guess what story the game would follow. Either my fursona's Story, or a dalmatian's story on the racers side, and a Bullterrier on the Police side.

What Ideas do you have? Write me a comment on DA, FA, SF, IB and Weasyl, or PM me on Tumbler if you have one.
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