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I want to apologize for the lack of updates. I've as of late had quite a few personal problems coming up. These problems are finally starting to wind down, but I have had another problem come up that's put me in a strange situation. This problem is the fact that I'm trying to get a license to become a security guard. Really there was no problem till yesterday, I'll save the details and say this, somehow the money order I had for the fees... Well it somehow disappeared completely.

I don't know how it disappeared but I've torn my home up looking for it. Since I can't find it, I'm going to try and do something to recover the money in another way. That way is pretty simple, I need forty dollars. So I'm going to offer commissions at a special rate, ten dollars a story for up to six pages of a short story. This is a pretty good deal considering that my normal rate is a penny per word. Making five to six pages normally $30 plus. If you still think this is too much, I'm sorry about that but I need the money and I need it soon.

The reason I need it soon is that there's a place I know of thanks to a friend. This place is looking for security guards for it's new warehouse. They're looking to hire to fill for all the shifts... Basically, this place is hiring for essentially any shift you could want. So either way, if you read my stories and like them. Then go for this deal. You get a well made story, I get the money I need, we all win in the end.

By the way, I have been writing still despite all the problems. The only problem is the story I wrote was a special commission for someone. I never did receive the final payment for it but it's done and it's been a week now. If you want to read it, go to Sofurry to read it.

As a final word of warning, the fee for the story will be paid up front. I've had some people screw me over with commissions before so I want to be careful. It sucks when a person is untrustworthy, huh?
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