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Starcraft Troubles

For once my life seems to be manageable, I can handle work, I can handle my friends and personal relationships and in general I've sorted out most of my issues, thus I've been relaxing whenever I can and playing video games as usual, but I decided to set myself up for a challenge, and one that, quite frankly, is starting to drive me crazy.

Some Background:  Starcraft is a game I have played for years, it's my favorite Real Time Strategy and my second favorite game of all time.  However I've never been able to finish the game's combined 56 mission story campaigns without using cheat codes, and as such I've set myself up a goal of beating the game fair and square, for once.

So far, so good, I've been through 51 missions and beaten them all with my own merits and tactics, but now I've run into a brick wall.  The 52nd mission , the one I'm currently on, suddenly got a massive jump in difficulty compared to the last 51 missions, yes they've all been tough, OK some were cakewalks, but I was able to figure out strategies and tactics to beat them after at most a couple tries.  I'll spare you the details but suffice to say I'm surrounded at the start of the mission and have to use limited resources in a short amount of time to reclaim four smaller outposts with resources before they're consumed, and I can't figure out how to do it, every strategy I've tried in the last two days of near non-stop gaming has failed.

I'm seriously considering just giving in and cheating through the last 5 missions so I can at least refresh myself on the story and go play the sequel but part of me still doesn't want to, what am I supposed to do cause I can't give up on the game completely and the difficulty on this mission is starting to drive me insane.  And of course I know the last mission is even harder than this one, I've seen it, in one of my cheating playthroughs, and I know it's going to be even more of a pain, possibly less because I won't be stuck on an island but even so, this is driving me crazy and I can't decide what to do about it, keep trying, use cheats, or just give up on the game, though I'm only considering giving up as a last resort.
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Added: 7 years, 8 months ago
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