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Q&A Quesdays

...And here at Masterful's, every day is quesday!

Seriously, though: ask me shit. I've got a brain bubbling over with little tidbits about my characters that haven't really shown through in the artwork yet, and a couple people have come to me with questions that got me thinking of things I hadn't before. Don't wait 'til tuesdays or anything, either... Like any creator of anything, people showing an interest in what I've made causes me to squeal so hard internally that if I made the noise out loud, you'd think I was a loli whose leg just touched a patch of seaweed.

If you ask something directly to a character ("Lucas, why do you stay with a creator who's clearly not into shotacon?"), I'll probably even respond in-character. Just don't expect me to act out some whole encounter with you, sexual or otherwise.
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Added: 5 years, 11 months ago
5 years, 11 months ago
Hey Else, do you want to meet my brother? three of us can finger paint together ;3
5 years, 11 months ago
Sapinna, where'd you get your genetics from? :O Who in your family is a spider, and who a plant? What are full-plant-people like?

Cherry, what's the most fun part of looking after your little sister? What's the hardest part? Does it ever get tiring?

Fig, what's the craziest thing you've ever done? What's your favourite TV show or cartoon? How old are you? What do you plan to be when you grow up?
5 years, 11 months ago
(Gonna answer for each character in a different reply, since they're taking a long time to write up... Barely gonna get Cherry's in before work, at this rate.)

Saponna: "Genetics? I do not know that word. It sounds like a kind of clothes to me. Does it mean clothes?

"My mother is the first spider, Nasi, who created the Earth. My father is Yugren, the first plant. All I have seen of them is from the day I was born: mother held me away from her like I might sting or bite, and father was curious but confused at what I was. I am told it is rare to remember one's birth, but I still see it so clear. Everything else of them I have learned from groups called 'cults,' like the Guiding Hand or the Children Of The Spinneret. They are mostly concerned with my mother. All of them have stories of her walking on Earth among its people, and I can feel this is true. I am not sure if I would like to find her again...

"I think my father is the only full plant I have met who walks and talks. He is caring and loving, I think, but he does not have the confidence to make his own path. He joined my mother in throwing me to Earth because his heart is weak. But he has watched over me since I crawled on all sixes, because his heart is big. I lay in fields of wheat when I feel lonely, and he embraces me through each stalk that curls around me. He is loving, but he is not there like a mortal's 'family.' So my answer is that full plant people are like someone smiling and waving at you from far away."
5 years, 11 months ago
Cherry: "Ha ha... I'd say when she's got something to hide! I mean, I gotta punish her when she lies to me, or when she causes trouble, but it's always funny to see. Fig's got zero poker-face. She'll have her hands behind her back, and she'll look around all paranoid, bite her lip, all that. And that face! Y'know the one, where they're trying to read your expression? But theirs is like... like they're cutting a wire on a bomb but they're all blue wires. It's priceless. I gotta spank her or cut off her next dessert a lot of the times, but once I'm outta there, I just break down laughing!

"The hardest part's the money, no question. We both got jobs, I do some stuff on the side, roof's held up with poles; you'd think we're putting in enough effort to make ends meet, huh? But we're always strapped. Her school's got kinda half a dress-code, and Fig's tough on clothes. Gotta sew patches on everything to cover up holes, but y'know those don't last a week... Then she likes to eat wood - plain weird - so we keep paying for that out of own pockets. One time, these fucking moving-guys leave a stool on the side of the road - just out in the open, nobody around. I mean, c'mon... that's where you put things you don't want. Things you're getting rid of. But no, they didn't have room in the van, didn't bother putting it back inside. Fig finds it, chews up one of the legs, and that's our fault? 'Cause some shitheads abandoned it in the street? So we need to pay to fix it, or get into some legal battle we can't afford. But is that the end of it? No, no. The stool is coated with, y'know, lacquer or something. So I'm dealing with these assholes, and Fig gets sick to her stomach, needs to go to the E.R. Great. So you'd think the doctor or the stool guy... one of 'em would cut some slack to a little kid who's got no parents, who works everyday after school, and who's puking up a storm now. Wouldn't you? But no. Two hefty bills we've gotta pile on everything else. Oh, and speaking of doctors... Don't get me started on the shots Fig got at school. Pure bullshit. Tell me they're gonna be free before she's got 'em, but after...

"Is it tiring? There's another no-brainer. Half the time, taking care of Fig is like taking care of a tornado on a sugar-rush! She's a really active kid. 'Bundle of energy' would be an understatement. It's not like I'm watching her every second, like a hawk... But it feels like all my time is spent giving her a half-decent life, these days. Even when she's not around. It does get to that point, y'know, where I wish I had friends I could call up for a girl's night. Or a boyfriend. Or enough cash in my pocket to see a movie. But every single night, someone's gotta make sure Fig eats something besides cotton-candy and broom-handles. Someone's gotta make sure she brushes her teeth. Gotta make sure she's in bed on time. I love her to death, don't get me wrong... I just wish I got to be her sister, instead of a mom."
5 years, 11 months ago
Fig: "Cherry calls me crazy all the time, even though I'm not crazy. She says, uh... when I grow up, I'll have pads on the walls? I don't get it. Grown-ups laugh when she says it, though. But there was two times when other people called me crazy too, a whole bunch. There was the scary one, where the bouncy-ball was getting away, and when I caught it the man in the squealy truck called me crazy a lot. Then Cherry grabbed me and kept crying, even after the man drove away. So I think maybe he was right? I dunno. The other time was better... They said the grandee taco salad bowl was free if I ate the whole thing in one hour, and I did! No helping! Everyone said I was crazy for trying to do it, and then after they said I was crazy 'cause I did. And I did.

"Oh! I saw two cartoons before! One of 'em was at Lucky's house, and it has robots that turn into planes! I didn't get to watch it all, but my favorite guy was the one with the robot voice. He kept helping the other guys, and he has little robots that live in his chest. Oh! But the other cartoon is even more my favorite! It's got a girl who looks like me! She lives in a big house with a horse, and she can lift the horse over her head... just with one hand! She's probably stronger than any of the robots, huh? I watched it in front of a store through the window, though, so I don't know what anybody said... But I bet she sounds like me, too. And her friends came over to play, but then she had to save them from pirates. And she was so cool that the captain pirate gave her a hug and now they're friends. I'll see if Lucky knows what names the cartoons have, next time I see her. I asked Cherry 'bout the pirate one, but she doesn't know.

"I turned 8 on my birthday! That's when the lunch-lady gave me a cupcake, and Cherry took me to the aquarium, and we got to ride the bus for free, and Else - she's this girl in my class - she let me wear her glasses, and I fell down but they didn't break. And Terry let me have the whole lost-and-found box from the whole carnival! It had car-keys. But I never found my car... Oh, and the aquarium had lobsters. That's where fish live.

"I'm gonna be the king of the whole carnival! And Cherry'll be the queen, and my best friends can be princesses. You can be mayor of the bumper-cars, if you want?"
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