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Pepper Q&A 7/16

Whew~ Off to a bit of a late start :3 I'll make sure she keeps with questions and stuff a little longer this time.

It's been about 6 months since these started! Egads! o:

7-year-old puppy girl answering your questions :3 I need to draw some more of her sometime soon...
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Added: 5 years, 7 months ago
5 years, 7 months ago
You know your Daddy, and Chelsea's brother James? They're in loOoOoOoOoOoOove~

(I'm sorry, I'll stop now ._.)

Ummm~ Hmm~

What's your favourite thing to do at school? :3
5 years, 7 months ago
*Stares off into space, broken only be a few intermittent blinks* Ohh... I s'pose that answers a lotta stuffs... likes that time they... *Jostles her head from side to side before jumping to attention*

Oh! Right! I likes lunch a lot - mos'ly 'cuz it's the time when all the kids ask me what the English words are for the foods we're eatin'!

S'kinda funny, 'cuz a lotta them are just the same as the Japanese!

Sooooo... I guess sometimes they think I'm jus' makin' it up... or I dunno or somethin'... But, like, I'm totally the authority on English food words - yup yup!
5 years, 7 months ago
want some roast beef
5 years, 7 months ago
*Stares longingly, giving a slow nod as her overly-moistened tongue lolls out from the corner of her mouth* ...y-yuh-huh... there's some pretty good beef stuff out here... but izznot roast kind...
5 years, 7 months ago
gives 10 pounds of roast beef
5 years, 7 months ago
*Burp* ...W-what roast beef?
5 years, 7 months ago

And I'll make it easier for you.

Hello, Pepper, how is your learning the Japanese language going?

<Gives Pepper some cookies>
5 years, 7 months ago
Ooo... s'goin' daij... uhh...

one'a these buttons makes it...




It's a liiiiittle hard... 'cuz it's a hard language... but at least I get lotsa practice!

Pointin' and wavin' your arms works pretty good, too!

*Happily accepts the cookies, and proceeds to much on one in a manner far removed from "ladylike"*
5 years, 7 months ago
<Ruffles Pepper's hair> You're a cute pup. Keep working at it. <Hands over another cookie>
5 years, 7 months ago
*Beams, happily accepting the cookies* Arigatou gozaimashitaaaaa~
5 years, 7 months ago
Have you ever slept on your arm for too long and then imagined it was someone else's arm?
What are the 5 songs you would bring with you in a desert island?!
5 years, 7 months ago
*Nods fervently, eyes going wide* Oh! Oh! Yuh-huh! 'Cept it was was a little different - I sleep'ed on it all funny, so when I woke up I couldn't feel it - and I could totally do this...

*Grasps her forearm in her alternate paw, and proceeds to wiggle it around as though detached from her body*

....GhoooOOoOost arm woOooOoOooo....


Well... I guess that'd be someone else's arm... if they were a ghost...


And five... humm...

...can I bring a lifeboat instead'a the music? Or... hrmm... 'mergency flares? No? Weeell... lessee...

Def'nately Pon Pon Pon and the UwaUwa song! Aaaand... prolly somethin' from a Super Nintendo game... so I can pretend I'm playin' it...  

Oh! Oh! Tom Sawyer - the one by Rush!

And... uhhh... Ride of the Valkyries, so I can play it while I'm bein' the ruler of the whole entire all of the desert island. *Nods with conviction*
5 years, 7 months ago
Oh oh I knows! *Waves me arms in the air* HAI PEPPER! Uhmm, what was I gonna ask you? Oh yeah! If you had a 3DS what games would you get? And, have you seen the Ball jointed doll companies over there? Did you go in them? Oh oh oh oh, uhm... have you guys gone to one of those cosplay cafes?

What about a uhm, Kabuki theatre? Have you seen the shrines? What about where the shinsengumi used to be? What kind of animes are on over there? What's your favorite anime?

Also, how's school? How's your daddy? How's Japan? Anything interesting been goin on? Have you made lots of friends at your school yet? Is your school teacher nice?

And one more thing, how have you been?! :3
5 years, 7 months ago
Waaah! Th-that's a lotta stuff! Uhh uhh... *Mimics the arm wave, going about it with both paws flailing about on either side* Haaaiiieeeiieeeeeee!

Yuh-huh! Been playin' a little bit'a the new Am'ninal Crossing, but 'cuz I don't gotta lotta time, I usu'ally just go to the island and do a lotta fishing... Most'a the games I got are Gameboy ones, just I got 'em saved on my 3DS so... like... I don't haffa bring all the little cartridges... Soooo I gots Metroid Fusion 'n stuff!

Oh! Oh! I should prolly have daddy get me some Japanese games, so I can say it's for practice 'n stuff!

I.... doooon't think I've seen any doll places... just paper factories... but they're prolly, like, super boring...

We got lotsa flyers for cosplay cafes where they dress up like house cleaney people! But it was in Tokyo, and we kinda didn't have lotsa time...

And daddy really likes coffee! So you'd think he'd be totally all about goin' there just for somethin' to drink! But nooOoOoooo...

Nuh-uh... haven't seen bakuki... uhh... ka... bu... kabuki!

Haven't seen any of it yet, but we got lotsa shrines! Daddy took some pictures of 'em to send to Chelsea's daddy, too! Some'a them were even out in the woods, so you'd think some'a the girls from the video games are gonna come flying out and throw cards 'n stuff!

...but they don't, 'cuz that stuffs just make-believe. *Nods, signifying her questionably firm grasp between fantasy and reality*

We dun get amin... anime on our TV... I think it's 'cuz we haffa pay for it, but I dunno...

But I can still watch stuff on the internet! We watched some'a this thing with Titans in it... but it was kinda scary 'cuz the big monster thingies are missin' part of their face...

For a favorite though... humm.... I really liked Usagi Drop! But it was really sad... But good! ...but sad...

School's been good - and we're about to go on summer break! 'Cept it's not like summer break in America - we only get... like... a month off or somethin'... oh well...But yeah... not too much eck'citing goin' on... been lotsa rain...

Daddy's been okies, too - I guess he's been doin' so good that the company is gonna video tape him tomorrow 'cuz they wanna use him in a promotional video for the company! I guess it means he's good at bein' silly or something!

I guess I got lotsa friends - all the kids really like havin' me around, even if I don't aaaaalways know what they're talkin' about. I use'ta think it was 'cuz I'm from America, but I think it's 'cuz I'm made outta gold.

Aaaand I've been okies, too! S'been really hot, though... and, like... suuuuper humid... kinda makes me wish we still had all the windy-ness from spring time... then it'd be really comfy... 'cept it's not...

...ugh... *pantpant*
5 years, 7 months ago
Hi Peppa-chan! :D

How are you this week?  Do anything fun?

What's your favorite non-Japanese food and your favorite Japanese food?

Have you ever played Super Bomberman 2 on the Super Famicom (or just the good ol' SNES)?  That game was awesome.

Did you guys get an original Famicom?  I hear the Japanese Super Mario Bros. 2 is a lot different than the one we got in the US.  Maybe you should check that out. :)
5 years, 7 months ago
*Grins wide, showing off more sparkling teeth than just her fang* Hi hiiii!

Been reeeally hot... like... come home, take off all my clothes, and try'n follow along with the fan when it's goin' baaaaack and forth... I guess that's kinda fun, though! Kinda nice now, but that's 'cuz it's late - I'm s'posta be in beeeed... (don't tell daddy!).

My favorite is still pot roast... 'cept we dun really have it out here... but that's okies, 'cuz we got this stuff called gyunyu, and it's pretty nummy! Oh! Oh! And I got to try taco-yaki, and it was pretty good! Even if it didn't have tacos in it or anything...

Ooo... I think they got that one at the store out here that sells games for it! I haven't played that one, but I played a couple'a other Bomberman games!

I think we should totally get one, but we don't yet... I kinda wanna try the Japanese Megaman games ('cept they call 'em Rockman out here... s'weird...). The ones on the Super Famicom are, like, all in English, ess'kept the names for bosses are funny.... liiiike... in Megaman X3, Tunnel Rhino is called... uhh... "Screw Masaider"

And all the weapons are the same as the English! 'Cept Gravity Well... they call that "Bug Hole"...

*Grins* And if we get the Japanese Super Mario Bros. 2, we'd haffa get Doki Doki Panic to make it eeeeeven... *Winks, trying her best to hold back a giggle. It doesn't work in her favor*
5 years, 7 months ago
Are you at all athletic?  Have you tried any sports, or maybe gymnastics?  How flexible are you?  Can you lick your own feet if you wanted?
5 years, 7 months ago
hey so hows Japan?
5 years, 7 months ago
S'been cool! It's lots different, but some stuff is kinda just like it is in America!

Oh! And when people laugh in Japanese, it sounds just like it does in English! So you don't need to know any Japanese to know if you're doin' a good job at bein' silly!
5 years, 7 months ago
Sounds fun Wish I could go
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