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Things I have thought out but probably will never get done

This all pertains to 'Blood and Shadow,' and the plot that I had worked out.

Preza goes through training, and finally becomes a full fledged assassin. After years of hard work she becomes trusted enough to be the one chosen to aid the Southern chapter in their bi-annual migration. This does not settle well with Hybrin because he remembers how the Southern chapter regarded Preza as a slave. Which to them is nothing more then trash. So he follows her to insure the migration goes smoothly, and that no one undermines her authority. While the Southern tribe does not like Preza having become an assassin like them, they still treat her with just enough respect.

Unfortunately at the end of their trek Preza comes face to face with an old enemy, Valucia. Valucia taunts Preza, and tries to goad her into a fight. For the most part Preza ignores her old owner's instigation until Valucia says that if she win she can have any slave of her choice. This angers Preza and she agrees to the fight, but only on the condition that she gets all of Valucia's slaves. The Tigress begins to go back on her word, and Preza calls her out on it. In order to save face before all the people in the market place Valucia agrees. Hybrin finally lets his presence known, and tries to stop the fight. He tries to convince Preza not to go through with it, fearing that she will kill the tigress. He makes the feline promise to try and not kill. Preza promises, and carries out the fight with Valucia. It is clear that Preza's skills far surpass Valucias even with a handicap. At the end of the fight Valucia is down, and Preza remarks "you may have taught me how to fight, but he taught me how to kill." With that she warns Valucia to not get up. Outraged, and humiliated Valucia's pride is too much, and she goes for one last attack. Preza swiftly kills her.


At this point we meet Flo, and find out that she is an old acquaintance of Hybrin, before he was an assassin. Flo is visiting with her father who has business with the guild. So she is stuck to Hybrin's side while they are there, much to his chagrin. Preza learns a bit more about Hybrin from Flo, and even though the young husky annoys her it isn't enough for her to dislike the girl. She does however note how much Hybrin seems to loath the teenager. Later that afternoon the pair sees Flo and her father off.

Hybrin is clearly exhausted from the whole ordeal, and Preza offers to by him a drink. To which Hybrin remarks that he has never drank before. Intrigued to hear this Preza drags Hybrin to a tavern and holds a drinking contest with the wolf. The two get completely wasted Hybrin is clearly the one worst off. He can barely stay conscious, much less walk. Preza helps guide him to her flat, where she dumps his inebriated body on her couch. Offering to let Hybrin stay Preza gets up to grab him a pillow and sheets for the couch. As she goes to get the items Hybrin grabs her wrist in a steel tight grip. Confused Preza looks back to find him looking at her strangely. She recognizes the look as the one he gets when on a mission. More then unsettled Preza tries to break free of his grasp to no avail. As a last resort she aims to slap the wolf, but finds the blow caught by Hybrin's other hand. Hybrin begins to murmurer lewd things under his breath as he pulls Preza to the ground. He lunges off the couch and pins the feline to the ground beneath him. Panicked Preza tries to reason with him, reminding him of what they've been through, and that he'd hate himself if he were to do something to her. Her words seem to fall on deaf ears as Hybrin begins to tear her clothes from her body.

In the morning Hybrin wakes up on the living room floor to the sound of Preza making breakfast. He walks into the kitchen and calmly sits at the table. Preza is shocked to see such a casual display from him after what had happened the night before. She realizes that he doesn't remember, and decides it best not to let him know, otherwise things could drastically change between them.


Hybrin's black outs are happening more frequently, and he is prone to bouts of violence. He fears that the demon inside his mind is slowly taking control of him. So he sets out to find someone who can stop it. He is beginning to be plagued by visions of events that happened on his missions when he would let the demon loose so that he can be free of remembering the violence and blood shed. What he sees is slowly driving him mad. Eventually he comes to an old mage who used to be a part of their guild. He begs the man to put the demon back in it's cage. To which the man informs him that it is not a demon, but rather the darker side of himself trying to claw it's way to the surface. Hybrin demands that he do what ever he did the last time to stop it. Unfortunately the mage cannot do it a second time. He mentions how the ordeal nearly killed Hybrin the first time, and after all the time that had passed since then, and the death count he has racked up his mind wouldn't be able to separate so easily. He goes on to remind him that when he split Hybrin's mind the first time he did warn him that eventually he would have to face himself. Tormented and still trying to make sense of everything Hybrin leaves to head back to the guild. Olong the way he has visions of Preza lying naked under him calling out to him, begging him to stop.

During this time Preza has been doing her own research on what happened to Hybrin. Talking with the younger mages of the guild and Trisha she discovers what it is that Hybrin has to do to become normal again. They all agree that at the rate Hybrin is going he wouldn't be able to pull himself together on his own. The mage offers Preza a telepathy stone that could allow her to delve into Hybrin's mind. They warn her of the risk of using it past it's set time limit, and that they will monitor her progress from where they are now. Preza sets off to find Hybrin.

Preza finds Hybrin backed into an alleyway with his head in his hands. She calls out to him, and his head shoots up with a crazed look of fear in his eyes. He warns her to back away, that he doesn't want to hurt her any more. Preza explains the situation to him, and steps forward to offer him help. Hybrin continues to babble about the things he is seeing, about what he had done to her. He flails frantically trying to get her away. Preza manages to dodge his hands, grabbing his arms she pins him to the wall and kisses him activating the stone. Once inside his mind Preza begins to have a battle of wills against Hybrin's darker half. The two banter and fight while Hybrin's conscious watches helplessly from the sidelines. Preza encourages Hybrin to accept his darker half, that it is a part of him. While at the same time Hybrin's inner demon continues to show him the bloody past that he helped to cover up. Taunting him, saying that Hybrin cannot handle the truth, and needs his demon there. Hybrin begs for Preza to escape as his inner demon is obviously far to strong for her to fight. Preza refuses to leave even after a warning from Trisha and the mages that her time is running out. She tells Hybrin of the night they got drunk, that she had accepted what was done, "I accepted it the night it happened because it was you. Now you're the one who has to accept it!" She tries one last time to get Hybrin to realize that all the bad things were happening because he was allowing it to happen. That if he wanted it to he could stop his inner demon from attacking her, he simply had to accept the darker side of himself, and realize it is a part of him. In a last ditch effort to silence her the inner demon fires a psychic energy beam at her. Just before the blast hits her it explodes into fine particles of energy doing no harm to Preza. Hybrin's conscious tackles his inner demon and begins to absorb it into himself. Many things happen all at once the telepathy stone shatters forcefully cutting of Preza's link to Hybrin's mind, and Hybrin's conscious fully absorbs his inner demon. Preza breaks the kiss only to fall lifelessly to the ground. When Hybrin opens his eyes he finds Preza lying before him.


Months pass and Preza is placed in the medical ward at the guild. She has been in a coma every since the day Hybrin became whole. Every now and then Hybrin goes to check on her to see if her condition has improved. Much to his dismay it never does. He hasn't taken on any missions since then either. Instead he hangs around the training grounds with the new recruits. Trisha is not pleased with Hybrin's change. She knows why he won't go on any missions, but she is determined to get him back on the saddle. She receives word on a war between two small countries, one of which has requested services from the guild to spy on the other camp. She figures the task would be small enough, and there would be no need for blood shed. She orders Hybrin to take a new recruit on the mission and train her along the way. Hybrin begrudgingly accepts the mission and is introduced to Jolie, who is instantly infatuated with him. On their mission something goes wrong, and the other army is alerted to Hybrin and Jolie's presence. The two race back to the guild with the army hot on their heels. Once at the guild Hybrin rushes inside to warn Trisha of the failed mission, and orders Jolie to raise the alarm for an incoming attack. The available assassins all gathered at the front gates, preparing for the army. The army begins to sack the town on their way to the guild. The two forces collide at the gates, and begin to wage battle.

Preza wakens to the sound of the alarm, she gathers her clothing, and her knives heading out to see what the problem is. Scaling the roof tops she throws knives down at the soldiers below. She spots a blue haired rabbit about to get stabbed in the back, and aims a knife at the attackers face. Jolie turns around to see where the dagger had come from only to see an unfamiliar feline standing on the roof above. Preza warns the bunny to pay attention or to get out of the fight. Preza runs on to lodge more daggers at the rest of the crowd. Jolie glowers at the cat's back, and turns back to the fray, blocking an ax with her staff before it could be plunged into her skull.

Hybrin arrives from alerting Trisha, and dives into battle. He begins effortlessly cutting and slicing his way through the soldiers, making sure to avoid any of his comrades busy in their own fights. He turns and is about to swing his sword when he suddenly freezes, seeing Preza stand before him. Preza smiles and swiftly glides under Hybrin's arm to stab an enemy soldier standing behind him. The two assassins begin to fight in tandem with one another, fluidly moving from one fighting position to the next as if no time had come between them. Jolie spots the pair, and growls not liking the feline to begin with, but now she was fighting with her new partner. Eventually the battle died down, and the army signaled for a retreat. The assassins allowed the enemy to gather their wounded, and leave.

After the battle Preza walks down one of the guild's corridors stiffening for a moment as a pair of familiar arms come out from the shadows to embrace her from behind. Hybrin holds her close "I could have killed you." Hybrin said referring to the mental battle between Preza and himself. Preza only smiled and leaned her head back against his shoulder. "I told you before, "you couldn't kill me even if you tried." From the shadows Jolie watched the pair in their embrace, growing more and more jealous by the second. When Preza turned around in Hybrin's arms to face him Jolie rushed out from the shadows, calling to Hybrin. The pair break off contact instantly, and Hybrin introduces Preza to Jolie, who announces that she is Hybrin's partner. Hybrin tries to correct her but is interrupted by the bunny. She lies and tells him that Trisha wanted to see the two of them so they could give a full report on the incident with the mission. Preza and Hybrin says their farewells and promise to see each other soon. Preza heads toward the cafeteria and falls to her knees. Her body hadn't recovered, and she was starting to feel the effects of it. A voice called to her from the hall and she looks up to see Trisha coming toward her. Trisha observes that she should be in the medical ward resting, and not wandering around the guild. Preza refuses stating that she had spent enough time in bed. She asks Trisha why she is there with her when she wanted to see Hybrin and Jolie about the mission. Trisha notes that she didn't call for them, but it would be a good idea none the less. Both women come to realize that Jolie had lied, and Trisha helps Preza to the cafeteria. Trisha sees to the feline to make sure she gets some food and is taken care of. Eventually Preza falls asleep in the comfort of a couch. Trisha leaves her there to take care of the debriefing.

And that is about all I have thought out. I don't know where to go from there, and it'll be a miracle if I can even get the scenes for this all typed out. So there you go, this was the plan for my great story.
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