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Whew, close call! <@.@>


So yeah, for those that don't remember, I live in northern Alabama- ie. where the most damage occurred in that massive string of storms that came through recently. I don't know the exact numbers, but last I heard there ended up being over a hundred tornadoes here last Wednesday, killing 200 or so people across the state, wrecking a bunch of towns (including a couple that were just plain wiped off the map <@.@>), and knocking out power for the entire upper section of the state (and parts of Tennessee). Luckily my town mostly avoided much actual damage, but only barely. We really dodged a bullet- towns just north and south of us were quite devastated.

And not dinky little F1s and F2s- we had a bunch of F5s. The big, mile-wide fuckers that come down and eat up whole towns. The reason we had no power? 75% of those big electrical towers that come straight from the main power plant (much of the area is powered by this one Nuclear plant) were ripped straight out of the ground, with a number of them mangled in the storms.

All things considered, my town really dodged a bullet. Nonetheless, we were totally powerless for the past several days. (Since Wednesday evening, this being posted Sunday evening). No street lights or anything. (Never seen it so dark at night!) So we had to use everything in our refrigerators and basically "camp out" in our houses. This is the first situation like this I've lived through, and while it was not nearly as bad as so many others had to struggle through, or even as bad as I would've thought, I don't want to have to deal with that again anytime soon. I can only imagine what the victims of hurricanes and earthquakes have to go through! <O__o>

Anyway, I'm back and I's okay! As are everyone I personally know that also live around here :3
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