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My 2 cents on Zimmerman case


Zimmerman is innocent. It's don't matter is if it's Neighborhood watch, mall security or a cop. These men have the right to defend them self if they come under threat. They have lives and they have families too.

The kid that is killed has a history of violence at school problems, defacing school property and drug related suspensions. Yes the Kid wasn't armed but authorities of all kinds can't take any chances. How Do I know this? Well I was peppered sprayed by a cop when I was a teen. A cop and I was arguing and I got very violent and my hands shot down my sides... she spun me around and slammed me to the wall and peppered sprayed my face...

Later after I calmed down I realized how much of an ass I was... she told me it had to be done because she didn't know if I was reaching for a gun or knife or something.

This kid sounded like a trouble maker at school. Founded with drug (weed pipe) in school and destroying school property (Graffiti) amongst other things including getting suspended repeatedly from school.

I was like Martin a lot. I caused trouble and did things at school I am not suppose to do and didn't care of the consequences when I was his age. I had no respect for authority and if Martin was somewhat like me some bit, I would be mouthing off to the authority... even cops. Now I wouldn't attack authority of any kind... that is just stupid.

I think Martin came at Zimmerman with aggressive intentions and attacked. Zimmerman had no choice, either it was him or Martin, and if Martin did had a weapon it's possible Zimmerman would have been hurt real bad or worst.

IMO I think Zimmerman did the right thing, self defending himself. Can it be dealt with differently? I do think so, but when it comes to life and death, there is no time for second thoughts.
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