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Digimon TWA: Special Episode 1

Characters from this episode:
Meteormon (Light Guild)
Cherubimon Good (Light guild)
Lopmon (Cherubimon Good in the past)
King Chessmon (Chessmon Kingdom)
Queen Chessmon (Chessmon Kingdom)
Pawn Chessmon W & B army (Chessmon Kingdom)
Knight Chessmon W & B army (Chessmon kingdom)
Rook Chessmon & Bishop Chessmon army (Chessmon kingdom)
Pawn Chessmon W (Lopmon's friend)
Patamon (Lopmon's friend)
Impomon (Lopmon's friend)
DemiDevimon (Lopmon's friend)
Matadormon (Myth from Chessmon kingdom, just mentioned)
Imperial Dramon Paladin Mode (Myth from Chessmon Kingdom, just mentioned)
Telea the Veemon (Just mentioned)
                                   Part 1: Finished request
Late at night, in the Light guild...
Meteormon: *Comes in the Guild Master's room* Guild Master?
CherubimonG: Yes?
Meteormon: I brought you the FireCannonD.
CherubimonG: Hmmmmmm...? Oh. Okay. Put it here. *Points to a corner*
Meteormon left the cannon in the corner.
Meteormon: There. Wait, Cherubimon, how did you became a guild master? And how was this guild built?
CherubimonG: Well, this guild was built on the lot of the old Chessmon Kingdom..
Meteormon: Tell me more!
CherubimonG: Okay, let's start, then... In the far past....There was a kingdom.
                                    Part 2: The story
King Chessmon: Don't put that here! *Commanding the renovations* Put that thing there! NO NOT THERE! IN THE OTHER CORNER, STUPID!
Bishop Chessmon1: OH SHUT UP! *Throws a scepter at him*
King Chessmon: ... Why?
Bishop Chessmon1: 'Cause I say
King Chessmon: ...............................................
Bishop Chessmon1:.... ._.
King Chessmon: Bish, get out.
Bishop Chessmon1: Okay then... *Bows to him and then gets out of the Throne Room*
King Chessmon: *Sits on the throne, wich is only half done xD* Ah, such a comfortable place....
Queen Chessmon: *Enters the room* Renovations, again?
King Chessmon: Yup
King Chessmon: So...?
Queen Chessmon: ... No comment.
While in the kingdom, the actually CherubimonG was a Lopmon, and had as friends an Impomon, a DemiDevimon, a Patamon and a Pawn Chessmon W.
Impomon: Okay, who knows about Matadormon?
DemiDevimon: The legend? WHAT?!
Lopmon: Calm down... Calm down...
PawnChessmonW and Patamon: But it's scary...
Impomon: Actually, guys, do you know that we have a guardian in the skys?
Lopmon: A guardian?
Impomon: Yeah, actually is a Paladin!
Lopmon: Paladin?
Patamon: Maybe he is talking about ImperialDramon.... in Paladin Mode.
                                     Part 3: Intrerupt
CherubimonG: Yup.
Meteormon: But Telea can get to ImperialDramon.
CherubimonG: Mhm. And this is the next hero of this planet. Togheter with Trini.
Meteormon: This story was short, but will you continue it?
CherubimonG: Yes. Sure.
Meteormon: YAY! Okay, thanks.
CherubimonG: No problem
Meteormon ran out of the room, happy.
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