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Opinions On Commissions

Alright, this has been rattling in my brain off again on again for quite some time.  So I just feel the need to ask you folks out their your opinions on the subject.

All the many different artists out there constantly have great business with commissions I've noticed, seeing it as I watch a good number of them.  And everyone has their different reasons for offering them:

-School tuition
-Money for new equipment
-Or just to make a little living whether working a regular job or not.
-Other reasons I can't think of right now

So naturally, given my state of still not having a steady job, and just barely getting by on the occasional part time work and freelance art jobs that don't seem to last very long at all, I go ahead and decided to offer my own commission choices for folks as well.

So HERE'S where it perplexes me some.  And I hope you don't find me judgmental in anyway, it's definitely not my intention.  Somehow, those who I know that have a loooooooong history of commission success seem to continue to have a constantly steady flow of business.  Which I know is thanks to their great talented artwork skills along with a massive fan base.  And also, those who don't regularly commission as much as others I know also end up with a good work load when they have reasons that they do open them for.

So as I see myself being one of those who don't do it as often, but open them when I have a need to do so, why is it I still don't seem to appeal enough to people to give me a try?  Is it because I simply have a low finance problem like the rest of America and it's not enough of a reason to offer?  Is it my prices are less favored than that of the other offers?  Am I not exposed enough to have my gallery page get noticed?  Or do folks think I'm not talented enough like the other artists out there to accept my offers?  And of none of these questions are the reason, then what?

I honestly don't think it's because there's a lack of folks willing to spend or can't afford to buy any, since like I said before, there's many artists out there who continue to have a steady like of commission related work going.

Right now my BIGGEST theory is the 'sex factor'.  As much as I hate to admit it, I realize that sex sells in ALL aspects of business.  Especially in the art/entertainment media world.  And as I'm sure my watchers are aware, sex related art is VERY rare in my case.  Yes I don't practice it as much as most do these days, and I can see why that'd be a lack of attention and potential commission related works.  But if that's the ONLY reason as to why I can't take part in the commissioning side of arts like others, then I can't help but feel a little down because of that.

So there's my own personal analysis on the subject.  Feel free to judge me by my opinion, but please don't share any negative thoughts if you please.  Like I mentioned, it's not as if I'm talking down to other artists or complaining on the subject.  I'm just putting out there my thoughts.  So if anybody has any opinion of their own they'd like to share that may help enlighten me on this whole thing, I'd very much appreciate it.

I'd just rather not continue to be in the dark about what it is that truly grabs people's attention to want to ask for commissions, and how those with BIG experience in it continue to do so well constantly.

For those who actually read ALL of this, thanks for your time!
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Added: 5 years, 9 months ago
5 years, 9 months ago
No that's completely true. If I'm ever commissioned it's mostly to do pronz.
Sure way to get commissions: do art well enough, do pronz and follow the current trends.
5 years, 9 months ago
Personally I can't bring myself to just do pronz if that's the ONLY sure fire way.  And if it is, well then I'll just have to rely on my regular job searches elsewhere.
5 years, 9 months ago
Yeah unless you really got some amazing drawing skills pronz is the only way for drawers like us.
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