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Not dead. Yet.

For all those wondering where the hell I have been, I have some wonderful info for you.

First, I am still here, and still plinking away at stuff when I ever get the chance. Second, my family (for some ungodly fucking reason) is busy working to get things gathered for our annual yard sale, and scheduling massive amounts of trips across the nation. While I wouldnt normally be bothered by much of this, I do have to say that it's bugging the hell out of me now. I have had ZERO time to simply sit at my computer and actually work, and then when I MIGHT be able to work on the commissions I have (which are WAY overdue) I get news from another person who cannot keep their fucking life organized, and now has to have someone help him out of the abyssal pit he had dug for himself.


So, here is what's going on. Feel free to comment as desired.

1) annual yard sale for June (scour all items within the house and storage for things to sell).
2) Trip to Iceland in March, trip to Montana or Colorado in august. Lots of planning, budgeting, and planning will be involved.
3) Computer maintenance (roughly 6 weeks overdue). Standard tune-up and data trim. This process usually takes about 2 days for me, due to the amount of data to go through. (1.832TB of crap to sift through)
4) Printer is still out of commission. I got the first part I needed, and found that I also needed a new PEEK insulator/hot-end assembly. should be here in 5-7 days, but who the hell knows. Even if I get the part, the USPS treats packages so poorly that it may well be broken by the time I actually get it. we will see.
5) Home cleaning. The landlord has finally gotten my cabinet door (took 1.5 years for a sheet of plywood and 2 damned hinges), and we gotta clean the house to make sure his eviction-happy ass doesnt find reason to kick me outta my home.
6) House hunting. aside from the pre-qual crap and the cost, I am looking for a place where I can let my dog run around in a yard, and where I can grow a garden and hone my green thumb.
7) Car repairs. just general maintenance and such, but it's a honda, which means it is hard for me to get to a lot of the parts I need to work on. Luckily, my brother is a qualified service tech, but he lives 2 hours away, and I gotta find time to get to him.
8) Energy. Well, a lack of it, anyway. I have been on 3 trips within a rather short period, and I still havent gotten a break from it. If I can get some rest (for the first time in a month) then I can resume as normal.

those are pretty much just my major items for now. When I get the ability to handle these things, they will be handled. Once I can, I will resume what I am doing on inkbunny, and will post updates as necessary.

And for you wonderful trolls...
Yeah, I know. "real fuckin tough, ha ha, you can still find time" right? Wrong. Nobody is perfect, and it is rare that 2 random people have the same ability to manage events in a better way. If you think It's so damned easy, why dont you pop your happy little ass over here, and take my place?

Lastly (not that you care), the results of the poll show that in a fight with Ben 10 vs Ditto, Ditto would win. However, I only got 2 real votes, and that means no freebies for you. Do better next time, and you may get something.

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Added: 5 years, 10 months ago
5 years, 10 months ago
*Hugs* :(   Wish everything would just go way bud. I hope it all in the end turns out alright for ya.
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