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Stupidity breeds in a circle

I was ambivalent about making a journal about this. I've gotten death threats before about being a "Liberal scumbag".

So the news is abuzz right now with Obama releasing his long form birth certificate to cull the rabid ramblings of Trump and the worm Taitz. I've used every last ounce of restraint in my body to prevent myself from hammering my head into my desk from the reactions.

On one side, you have Trump, who basically came out and masturbated on public television. On the other side, you have everyone else who still won't admit defeat. Taitz got her ass kicked by Lawrence O'Donnell for trying to come up with some other form of conspiracy involving his SSN number or some weird shit like that. He really didn't give her any room in edgewise to let her say anything apart from answering his question, which she didn't, but what I've read in written summaries about the interview, she was trying to say something about his SSN number

Google/Bing search this news article, or don't, actually. The search engine will explode from results from Conservative websites, whose members are still exclaiming "IT'S NOT GOOD ENOUGH!" "WHY DID HE TAKE SO LONG TO BRING IT OUT!?" "THE BIRTH CERTIFICATE IS CUH-LEARLY PHOTOSHOPPED!" or some form of response that is roughly composed of one or more of those three.

For God's sake, what more do the (now aptly named) deniers want? I think everyone can conclude the deniers will never accept the truth no matter how much evidence is thrust into their faces. They'll get desperate and point at anything to try and legitimize their madness. They don't realize that REAL conspiracies and coverups get uprooted very quickly. The thing they fail to remember is how no one involved in a government conspiracy fails to shut the fuck up. If the thing was photoshopped, someone is going to let it slip, and in today's society where everything is recorded, the truth would come out before the end of the year. If there was a conspiracy to make a false photoshopper, well fuck, that too is a conspiracy, and those set ups get uprooted even faster. For fuck's sake, it didn't take long to discover the Tea Party protests were AstroTurf movements formed by Dick Armey.

I'd say this form of stupidity is incest, but that gives incestuous love a bad name.
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Added: 7 years, 11 months ago
7 years, 11 months ago
Incest?! What the hell? This is nothng like incest! This is clearly a case of Hysteria en mass... The victoms/perpetrators of this mass epidemic of imbicility need an orgasm, DESPERATLY! Seriously, if they spent as much energy with their hands as they do with their lungs, the world would be a kinder place!
7 years, 11 months ago
It's incest because they fuel themselves with their own rhetoric.
7 years, 11 months ago
Have you seen the size of the pandemic? When the family gets this big.... I think it disqualifies it from being incest and makes it the normal procreation of a new species. That's why it doesn't stop. Incestuous creatures shrivel up and die in a couple of generations, this keeps going on and on and on...
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