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These past 2 nights ive actually been able to remember most of the dreams i've had; which for me is strange as i usually forget them almost  instantly (there must be a ghost pokemon following me round and just pigging out on my dreams XD)

The first dream i had i dreampt i was doing my practical driving test in my old instructors car. The test started out fine and i did everything correctly; but at the test went on my driving started to gradually deteriorate with my mistakes getting more frequent and much worse each time (such as stalling, pulling out in front of cars, failing manouvers and at one point i think i even got out of the car for some reason). I never actually got the result from the examiner as i woke up before that bit; but the funny thing was as i started drifting into reality my brain hadn't quite woken up and for some reason i had this crazy idea that if i passed in the dream then i would actually recieve my full licence in the post in real life so i was refusing to wake up XD.

In the second dream i dreamt that i was drawing a my little pony (it looked like the pink one except id coloured it blue for some reason), and i'd drawn it lying on the ground looking mopey and depressed for some reason. Then all of a sudden the drawing came to life and the pony started talking to me about random things and wanting to be my friend. Is this a sign that i should actually watch the show? lol
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Added: 7 years, 11 months ago
7 years, 11 months ago
From what I have seen of the show... it looks... lame if I'm honest... Sym Bionic Titan is where it is at :D
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