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So, it's been about five weeks, time to update the comic review schedule. Hope you'll enjoy what's coming!

1. Gold Digger: The Mini-Series: See the second adventure of Gina, Brit, and their friends and family as they face off against the evil sorcerer Gyphon, and discover El Dorado, Atlantis, Shangri-La AND the Garden of Eden!

2. Sonic: Assorted Issues and Backstories: Yeah, no story arc tonight. This will be a night to allow me to go after individual issues, or whatever I feel like talking about that I can't spend a full night on.  Including Sonic/Image Comics... and the Sonic 150 RE-REVIEW!!!!

3: Legend of Zelda: A Link To The Past Part 1: Yes, folks, I will be reviewing the Legend of Zelda comic printed in the early 90s in Nintendo Power Magazine. It is drawn by a LEGENDARY manga artist, and while it has NOTHING to do with LOZ: LttP, it's still EXCEEDINGLY awesome.

4: Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past Part 2: It's a LONG F***ING COMIC, so I'll be splitting it into two parts for this review to make it managable! ^^;

5. Sonic: The ADAM Saga. Robotnik's "son," a sentient computer virus named ADAM begins a massive plan to impress his father... by killing Sonic and his friends once and for all.

6. Gold DIgger Edge Guard Part 1: Delve into the story of five of the most interesting secondary characters of Gold Digger: The Edge Guard!  Follow the swords, sorcery, and martial arts of Onoli, Thropan, Tirga, Sheila, and Gar, as they save the magic realm of Jade!

7. Gold Digger Edge Guard Part 2: The battle against the vampiress Riassat continues as the threat of the Dark Edge Guard builds!!!

7B. Gold Digger Edge Guard Part 3: If necessary, I might spend a third week on Edge Guard.  It's 200 pages, after all. ^^;;;;

8. Sonic: FFs vs. SS Part 1:  The Freedom Fighters vs. The Suppression Squad.  One of the longest fights in Sonic history, Scourge gathers the Suppression Squad of Moebius and takes over FF HQ!  Can the FFs hold off their evil doppelgangers?

9. Sonic: FFs vs. SS Part 2: Sonic takes the fight to Moebius... and what happens when you gather every hedgehog in the Sonic canon in one room?  One word: CHAOS!!!

10.  Return to Angel Island:  Knuckles and the Freedom Fighters FINALLY make it back to Angel Island after an extended enforced absence.  See the first appearance of Finitevus and his OBVIOUS evil.  See Knuckles react to his newborn brother's TERRIBLE name!  See ME flip out as I'm forced to read about the Echidna race YET AGAIIIIIIIIN!!!

SPECIAL REVIEW AT SOME POINT:  The Sonic/MegaMan MEGAREVIEW featuring Skye (that's me!),
, and
!!!!  TWELVE ISSUES of Sonic vs. MegaMan!  Robotnik vs. Wily, and MUCH, MUCH MORE!!!!  Note: This may be at a different day and time than my normal reviews.  If so, it will be IN ADDITION to a normal review.  I'll have more info when we do it.

Hope you'll join me for my Livestreams on Monday at 8 PM EST, for these and more! Rock on, guys and gals!
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Well, to be fair, his brother didn't like it, either. >w>
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