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Need Halps

as some of you may know, I will me moving to FLorida this weekend, Cool as fate is, this means I get to stay the day at Anthrocon.  Yayz on Sat.

Yet my money supply is short.  AKA due to hard work I have barely enough money to cover expenses.  I'd like to have a better margin of error in case things go wrong.

I DO NOT WANT DONATIONS ( well some but will explain those in a bit)

Anyone who wants to help, I want you to get something for it.  And really that would be cool for me also, as I get to get fuller pictures and all

So commissions, ya want one?  I'm open and my prices are more than reasonable:  http://yiffox.com/prices/

but what would be really cool....join one of my projects, the more the merrier...

dino vore and transformative orgies, cub and adult, $25 /$45 for a couple

get in tribal dance comic, sorely need females, $55 to appear throughout the next 25 page sexcapade, or $20 to get in NOW and be USED maybe for filler if I cant get ppl (so rlly $20 is bargain atm, bet the $55 ppl dont show and get a lot of your characters getting it on, like 4-6 panels a PAGE...dont know why ppl arent snapping this up (need males, cuntboys and herms too)

Cheapest:  Sexpit LAST PAGE ANYONE CAN BE IN....$15 or $25 for couple, gay or herm  so again wow why arent these taken, i wanna finish this page this week and finish this comic

all spots and details here:  http://yiffox.com/projects/

the orgies and sexpit even get their own pinups of scenes to posts, so post and ORGY  so wow, why arent they filled?

As far as just straight donations?  you only got $5 and want to help...well donate it toward one of my comics, the TMNT, Yiffox, or MLP comic, again, I dont like getting things free, the next MLP comic is already done, anyone who donated $5 or more gets premium access and gets to see it now and other stuff.  http://yiffox.com/yiffadven/donations/

so comment there, note me here, and JOIN THE SLUTTINESS, its calling...

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Added: 5 years, 8 months ago
5 years, 8 months ago
I do have a 1-page, six panel comic idea for a commission.  I think I emailed it to you the other day.  Do you need a resend?
5 years, 8 months ago
yeah resend..altho i will probably editing prices tonight to make some things more equible, like changing comic prices from page to panel
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