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Lost Rants 10: Online gaming etiquette

I am upset that I have to point this out. Unfortunately, it seems like every time I get online, the collective intelligence of the gamers crashes into the ground like a confused sperm whale, and it's been getting progressively worse as time goes on. There is a certain etiquette you have to maintain when playing. They aren't difficult. Young children and certain species of dog are able to follow them without suffering brain aneurysms.

1: You joined the game. Play the damn game.

This is startlingly common. Players join servers only to idle about 90% of the time for hours on end, and it's easy to keep track of this time on games like TF2. I know people have stuff in their real lives going on, but if something takes higher precedence in your real life, don't even join the game until you are sure everything is set aside. It doesn't even take that much effort to go back and select "disconnect" in the menu.

The aforementioned TF2 has many idlers in any server at any given time, and not all servers have auto-disconnects for idlers. All you are doing is ruining the experience for people who actually want to play the game, and preventing people from joining the server who will actually play the game.

2: You are not an ape. Use proper spelling and grammar.

I don't know if it's today's cell phone based culture, the massive decline in the quality of public education, or if I'm just an anomalous mutation, but I seem to be the only person in games that actually uses proper English. I'm not just talking about the people using "lol", "gg", "omg", or other such acronyms; I really wish I was. Messages I see in the chat box are borderline gibberish. I can understand in the intensity of combat that you may end up misspelling certain words, but there's a difference between hasty typing and mashing the keyboard. I strictly adhere to proper spelling and grammar at all times, even when gaming, and I still manage to get one of the highest scores on the server. I'm not even from some kind of rich fancy school. As a matter of fact, before I went to college, I don't really believe I got a proper education since the FIFTH GRADE.

3: Don't make videos for Machinima on public servers.

It's the gaming equivalent of filming you and your girlfriend going at it to post on Redtube without her knowledge or consent. Like LEGAL porn online, Machinima videos like Profound Moments in Left 4 Dead 2 is made by people who were actually intending to make it. It wasn't made with unsuspecting schmucks you don't even know on Unregistered Hypercam. You may think you're being original or funny by emulating whatever stupid shit they did in Profound Moments, but in an actual game with people who just want to play the damn game, you're being loud and annoying and ruining the experience for everyone involved.

These rules aren't very difficult to follow. They are simple, and despite being rules you wouldn't really expect to be broken, are being broken on a more frequent basis. Now as a result from spilling my fury out onto the page in a borderline incomprehensible heap of slag, I feel depressed now. To those of you who pushed me to this, I hope you're happy.
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Added: 7 years, 11 months ago
7 years, 11 months ago
I don't think I've ever run into any of #3, but I know 1 and 2 so well. I've been guilty of 1 a little bit, when I get a friggin 20 second respawn in tf2 I just swap out the window for a few seconds and surf a couple pictures on FA or DA or something; and come back to realize I've been idle for 6 or 8 seconds unintentionally; but I try not to!

And yes, texting shorthand is so annoying >.< You have a bloody keyboard, your NOT being charged by the letter. Just write out the damn word like your english teachers spent your entire childhood trying to beat into you! Makes it so much easier to read.
7 years, 11 months ago
I prefer the 20-second respawn servers when I'm writing a new Lemon. I've written many chapters of the Patamon Timeline and Bondage Princess May while playing TF2. I'm only late back in the game by about 10 seconds at the most.

Number 3 is relatively new. This guy in Left 4 Dead 2 openly admitted to it in the middle of the game. I immediately vote kicked his stupid ass. Another guy started screaming into his mic at random intervals, which that alone is pretty much a kickable offense.
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