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concirning family problems...

So, on june 25th (yesterday now), between 11am and noon, my parents started fighting.... worse than ever...
It all started with a phone call between my mom and her sister talking about their brother and his controling wife... my uncle and his youngens (some of which I grew up with/around) never show up to any family tthings for our side of the family... his wife takes control of everything and he gets no say or anything, and with 10 kids, counting the 2 adopted indian children, that really changes the turn out of things.... fills up a room fast... but, not only that, it would make any type of marial conflict that much worse.............

My dad overhears part of the phone call and misinterperates it, then warps it a little in his head........

Anyway... they started yelling back and fourth for about an hour, getting louder as it went on, and it ended with mom crying, coming to the livingroom with us (me and my brother) and saying "I got to get out of this house"... she took my little brother with her, even wanted me to go, but I descided to stay behind.... they didn't come back for 9 or 10 hours, and aparently she made my little brother promise not to say a word about what they talked about... and it must have been super serious, because he would have told me right off the bat...

Well, this sort of worried me
The things braught up when they were yelling are things I have heard mentioned by either of them on multiple occasions.... dad getting too picky about jobs even though he says he will take any job that comes up...mom and her little jabs here and there (he makes little comments here and there.... I don't know if she is attempting to joke, but its not fucking funny... her casual jabs at my dad are about the lack of a job, how she is the one carrying the house, how she is more successful.......... her jabs at me are over my weight, calling me fat, hair thinning out, and body odor (she says I reak even after I shower and put on clean clothes... saying how I smell bad enough to kill a cow....), as well as calling me lazy, jabs about my grades, and lack of friends (it isn't my fault... I went to cyber school, I didn't get out much, I lost most my public school friends because of lack of contact and shitty fucking roomers).... so... yeah....)
Really, both sides had a lot of pent up feelings and crap... but.... I am concerned of where things will go from here........... I am hoping that they just got all their shit out there, and everything eill be okay... but there is a possibility that that isn't the case...... dad is clearly still hurt or at least affected by it... cursing off when he things he is quiet enough or far away enough to not be heard, staring off with a very troubled look........ mom is just pretending nothing happened.....
I am worried......

To take my mind off of things, I was drawing earlier.... may keep drawing if my insides let me and hands chose to cooperate.... in which case, there is a possibility I will open requests, or encourage commissions..... idk...

Whatever... 3am... good night, fuzz butts
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Added: 5 years, 10 months ago
5 years, 10 months ago
it shounds liek a devorve and split up to me....meh bin there done that when I was a kid...it'll be fine I hope. but takeing it out on you isnt necessary.
5 years, 10 months ago
I kinda hope it doesn't come to that..... the problem is my mom is one of those people that thinks she is always right no matter what and doesn't even pretend other people have thaughts or opinions or anything... and dad is an idiot that, even after realizing the problem, makes the same mistakes and just doesn't learn
Which makes it hard for me to help out or offer any advice.... you know?
(I am a science minded person and analize every aspect of everything... I tend to find a lot of interesting things that could help people out, and dad at least listens most of the time and agrees on mmy ideas and strategies, but doesn't do anything about it and ends up clinging to his failed strategies and wonders why they won't work....)
5 years, 10 months ago
ah so shes like my father....pleas tell e she dose not drink to. I sapose I am hard headed and haf to learn the hard way.....but I do learn....poor you dad it must be very frustrating for him.....well I dont know how old evry one is but it seems like most of you are adults...its better than doign this with a kid involved.
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