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Forgive me if I rant just a teeny bit.

1. Doesn't anyone here actually know what animal genitals look like? Or is the excuse "They're Anthro" so they have human bits. (I always have to laugh at marsupials with breasts.)

2. What's with the grossly over sized cocks? I hate to tell you this, but we're not HOLLOW inside.

3. Cub sex... And gay sex. Well, I don't mind so much, but.... why does most of it have to look forced? (Non-consensual)

I'm sure I could find something else to complain about, but I need to head off to work.

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Added: 5 years, 7 months ago
5 years, 7 months ago
1) I think this is mostly due to ignorance and maybe a sense of squick.  There are some who do know about animal genitalia (for example, ask
about female mice), but I think most don't realize that genitalia come in different shapes, don't know where to look for references or possibly are too embarrassed to do the research (as strange as they may sound for pornographic artists), or are doing species that don't have any such references (where would we find references of leptictidium genitalia anyway?).

The "They're Anthro" excuse does have its merits, though.  After all, an anthropomorphic animal may be based on a particular real world animal, it is no more that animal than it is a human.  Personally, I would think merging the original animal's attributes with human ones as appropriate would be best.

As for marsupials with breasts, an argument could be made that, since the pouch is akin to an external womb, there would come a point in the baby's development equivalent to a placental's newborn – too big and cumbersome to use the womb/pouch, but not grown enough to accept a diet of solid foods.  Thus, like placental babies, breasts outside the pouch would be plausible.  And that's more thinking than placental eye candy on an opossum really needed, methinks.

2) It's a result of male insecurity.  For many men, their manliness is tied in with their self-image, and their sexual potency is an essential part of that manliness.  In short, the more sexually potent a man thinks he is, the more manly he believes himself to be.  The easiest way for a man to estimate his potency compared with other men is by the size of his Polyphemus.  He reasons the bigger and firmer his Polyphemus is, the more sexually potent he must be.  It's a fallacy, but like many other mistaken impressions, it's a strong one.  Since personas often reflect their creators' wishful thinking, we end up with characters with outrageously-sized genitals.

This wishful thinking also applies to female characters with huge bosoms and hips, but small waists.  For both men and women, they're eye candy and idealized sexual partners, although, with women, the influence of the media must take much of the blame for skewing her perceptions of her body.

3) I think that's partly a result of Western society views on sex.  The still generally anti-sex West still thinks of homosexuality as bad and goes ape slag insane over the slightest hint of children (supposedly being unsexual creatures innocent of such interests, a blatantly stupid notion at best) having sex.  Because of this, it's difficult for even the most open-minded of us to conceive that it's possible for homosexuals to be tender and loving or that it's possible for children to have and enjoy sex without being raped, being permanently scarred for life, and/or turned into depraved monsters.  (Most non-European societies were not so badly anti-sex as the West has been and understood those possibilities were real, at least until missionaries and well-meaning busybodies convinced them otherwise, sometimes at the point of a sword.)
4 years, 7 months ago
Bravo, well said!
4 years, 9 months ago
1)  https://www.furaffinity.net/view/1529048/  this is the ref sheet i have been using for a while now.  (if you don't have an FA account, I might be able to find it on e621 or something for you) .  I admit, drawing cock is hard and I usually just drawing whatever and people are happy... Besides almost everyone regardless of species tends to either have a dog cock or a horse cock on them.  Sigh

2) I have been rallying against this for years.  Not just cock size, but bust sizes too.  I think people just like throwing bigger numbers around to make them sound more worthwhile than they actually are...

3) Some people just get off on the displeasure in their partner expression.  I know one guy who constantly commissions people to put a rape face on him and a face of pain or torture on the female he is with at the time, some of the time it being a cub female.  I have never drawn for him because I tend to avoid such things, like it were a plague or something.

4 years, 9 months ago
Thank you for the response dear. I appreciate it.


4 years, 9 months ago
You are most welcome.  Feel free to pounce by and hug any time too. ^.^

4 years, 7 months ago
1. Well, here's goes the thing many furries and fans of fuzzy parts, and animal bits were fighting against with 'normal people'.
We're being cussed and cursed from very begining of furry porn popping out, for the fact that our community is full of zoophiles.
People think that if all of us like the animal parts that bad, then we fuck our pets.
Thus most artists are scared to be called that way and begun to more humanise the image of their sonas, riding from beastial parts, redusing amount of details, etc.

2. Along with those who love animal parts on their characters and the psycologic fact that about peoples unconscious wish to look more desirable, thus inflating their forms, there's just people who love all BIG.
They find oversized parts arousing, exciting and some even tend to adore gigantic beings.
As i say - each has a turn on of their own.

3. The person above just said what i wanted to say - many likes it to be non-con when things comes to cub sex. And gay sex may look non-con, cuz of the fact that butthole was never meant to be fucked, it's peoples that found its new purpose.
4 years, 7 months ago
Every time I look at pictures on Inkbunny I am bothered by exactly these three things. D: (I realize the irony of me saying that right after uploading a picture of a T-Rex with human bits.)
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