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TMI Tuesday - Ethan & Claire

I thought it might be nice to check in on proud papa Ethan and see how his recovery is going and how he is enjoying his life as a new Daddy. As a bonus, Claire will be joining him in the spotlight, answering questions about their relationship, and her friendships with Shyara and Wendy.

Ethan's replies will be in

Claire's replies will be in

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Added: 6 years ago
6 years ago
Is Sienna being a good girl?

Are both of you still good friends with Shyara and Wendy?

I've probably already asked both of you this already but since both of you are here I ask again anyways.

What is your favorite color?

What is your favorite food?

What is your favorite position?

What is your opinion on reptiles?
6 years ago
She's a complete angel, Chris. Most nights, she doesn't sleep all the way through, so when I have her, I'll wake up, change her, feed, her, and Claire and I will take her for a car ride until she falls back asleep, but that usually takes about 20 minutes. She's adorable, babe.

Wendy has been the glue to keep us all together. Honestly, I think we all consider her to be our best friend. Shy... Well, Ethan has to stay on good terms with her for the sake of the little one, and I'm open to renewing our friendship, but as far as I know, she wants nothing to do with me.
Yeah, Wendy's been great. I think we'd all be a mess if it wasn't for her. And just watch, hun. I bet once Shyara finds someone else to make her happy, she'll be ready to patch things up.

Our favorite colors? We both like red. It matches Claire's fur so well, and it reminds me of my favorite sports team - the New Jersey Devils.

My favorite food is pecan pie, but Ethan's kind of boring... he likes sandwiches and wraps, but mostly corned beef and swiss on rye. *scrunches up her face and sticks out her tongue*

Call us boring, but... we like the slow tenderness and eye contact, and the ability to whisper into each others' ears. So... missionary. *grips Claire's paw and kisses it gently*

*stare at each other for a moment* Do we have an opinion? I don't know. Should we? What about them? I don't know... No opinion, I guess?
6 years ago
<Lew>  Is the mother doing okay? Everything healing up well?  No PTSD right?  I know she's a single mother and it's VERY dangerous for her to be alone with the child until her hormone levels get checked.  

He treating you alright, Claire?  I know how moody a man can get when he starts losing hunks.  Been there.

If you need any help with physical or mental stuff, Ethan, I know a few shrinks that specialize in PTSD.  
5 years, 12 months ago
Shy's doing fine, Mr. Henshaw, thank you. She has Wendy, plus the Cutshaws - her host family - to help her out, plus Sienna is with Claire and me a lot, and we have Dan and Laura, and Aunt Tatiana, to support us. So far, everything's been very smooth.

And yes, Mr. Henshaw, Ethan's been treating me very well. He gets a little cranky sometimes, but honestly, I've never seen him happier. It sucks about his leg, and what happened to Walter, but I think that accident knocked some perspective into him. *giggles and clings to her boyfriend's arm* I love you, babe.

As far as my rehab, thanks. Dr. Genevieve and Yvette are the best. I've been to a couple of psychiatrists, but I always feel like they're dissecting and analyzing everything I say - which is their job, I suppose - but they do it with EVERYTHING. Sometimes I like to talk just for the sake of talking, and not feel like every word is being picked apart. Honestly, Claire and Yvette have been my best outlets for what's on my mind.
5 years, 12 months ago
I'm glad Tati's around to help you guys out so much.  With her around I'm sure you'll be alright.  

I'm sorry about your leg, Ethan.  I truly am.  I can't shed a tear for your uncle, though.  It's a nice irony that he died trying to pull what he did... But I'm sorry it cost you so much.  

Well, these guys are a different breed.  When you spend ten hours a day 6 days a week listening to Vietnam vets and other people talking about the worst things they ever experienced?  They know what's important and what's not.  
5 years, 12 months ago
Although Bigchris369 answered the biggest question I had, I feel that I could ask something similar.

Do you two think that you could live with Shy and Wendy being in the same house at some point in the future?  Would it depend on any boyfriend Shy might end up with?

I'm glad Sienna is being good.  Just this Sunday I had a thought involving a couple of my characters who are fathers themselves, but couldn't come up with anything concrete to truly celebrate Father's Day with them in mind.
5 years, 12 months ago
*look at each other for a moment* Given our history, I don't think it would be a good idea. But we both wish Shy and Wendy all the best of luck with finding someone to make them just as happy as we are. Maybe once that happens, we can try to rebuild damaged friendships. But living together? I don't think that would be fair for anyone, least of all whoever Wendy and Shyara date.
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