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Technical Issues and Money

This is becoming a bad month. This past weekend my laptop's hard drive died, and I had to dip into my savings to replace it. I don't have any money coming in this week, and this month looks to be a tight month, so this is the worst time for bad things to happen. Which is why I guess it's happening now.

I have a really good keyboard, a unicomp model m. I recently got through giving it a good cleaning. Now something's wrong with it: some key combinations are now completely untypable, and what's more, my system won't even boot if I have the keyboard connected. I can only think that I didn't dry off a couple of the keys good enough while putting them back in, and there's some shorts in it somewhere.

So, best case scenario, I'm looking at 30-60 dollars to have this repaired by the manufacturer, plus any shipping. Worst case scenario, I'll have to replace it entirely at a cost of about 96 dollars, shipping included.

I can't really afford any of this.

I don't know what to do. fortunately I do have another keyboard I can use in the interim. Unfortunately it's a cheap one I got that actually hurts to use after an extended period and makes me typo a lot more.

I don't expect any handouts. I couldn't really ask for commissions, as I don't feel my art is good enough to warrant anyone spending money on. I feel my writing is better, but still not enough to offer commissions on. If anyone reading feels like helping out, probably by using the donate button on my page, I'd really be in their debt, but I expect no help, and I'm not making anyone do it either.

Just had to get this off my chest, I don't normally like piling my burdens on others.
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