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Update on stream, and some questions.

Okay, unfortunately, I can't seem to rip my Invader Zim DVDs at the current time. They have it coded so that it's all one giant file, and I don't have a program to split such a huge file (over 7 gigs per disc, 6 discs total), so until I can figure out a way to get those, IZ is off the list.

HOWEVER! I still have a decent selection. Currently, there's The Angry Beavers, Rocko's Modern Life, Courage the Cowardly Dog (Season 1), Sam & Max, and Daria. I'm currently downloading CatDog, but that will take a while, so it won't be ready for today. Also, the Daria episodes are the old ones I downloaded (before the DVD set existed) because ripping the DVDs would take too long for 5 seasons' worth of episodes. Also, even though the quality is lower and several episodes are edited, the downloaded ones still have the original music tracks that fit the situation. The generic music on the DVDs just sounds wrong when you grew up with the TV versions.

Now for the questions: Would you be interested in having Gary the Rat in the mix? More adult and way newer than the rest, but I'm curious if anyone would want to see them. Also, Road Rovers? The audio and video is really low-quality, but I'll show them if people want to see them and can deal with that.

Final note: I am going to be compiling everything into one giant playlist and setting it to random. I won't be controlling the playlist in any way, except for skipping intro and extro sequences, so what gets shown will be a surprise even to me. Also, most of the shows that are done in halfisodes are combined, so it'll be two back-to-back. The only real exception to this is TAB, which has each halfisode as a separate file. I'm looking to start the first stream in maybe an hour or two, if possible, so keep an eye out for the notice. Oh, and remember, the chat can get pretty raunchy at times. XD
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Added: 8 years, 2 months ago
8 years, 2 months ago
Haven't been able to catch you in stream yet, but even with crappy audio/video quality, Road Rovers is a real larf! If nothing else, at least the "Tanks/No, tanks!!" episode :p
8 years, 2 months ago
Road Rovers! Must play!!  >.< im ashamed to say, i have not seen them =/  But i would like to, lol
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