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who would win? (going until July 4th)

So, who do YOU think would win?

Benjamin Tenesson

Leave your vote via shout, PM, or any of my contact options on my profile!

Results will be posted below:

Ben 10:

Ditto: x x


Ditto is a small, pink, amorphous creature from the pokemon universe. In the game, he can transform through either ability or attack, and becomes a perfect copy, minus the face. He is limited to 5 uses of the attack, and his ability only works on the first pokemon he sees. Both ways can be erased by returning to its pokeball, which can only be done if caught. In the anime and manga, his transformations aren't limited to living objects, and he can transform on the fly, as many times as he feels. Once transformed, he has all of his targets moves, but is limited to five uses of each attack (in game). This is also an unapplied trait in the anime/manga. In this event, we will be going on anime/manga refs (original 151 pokemon of kanto), since the two outweigh the game's limitations.

Benjamin Tenesson (ben 10) is a young boy who posesses a watch made of alien technology. The watch allows him to change into any alien it has registered within its DNA matrix (most known species) at any time. The watch initially was limited to 10 alien forms, but has been upgraded to allow him access to all forms as of the Omniverse series. The watch's transformative powers have a predefined time limit, and Ben tends to revert to human form when seriously injured, knocked unconscious, or the time for that change is expired. It is unclear whether he retains the injuries sustained during his transformations, but he does appear to retain the pain from those injuries. Simce we are talking about the Omniverse edition of Ben 10, he is also capable of changing forms on the fly. Doing so has been seen to extend or reset thw duration of his transformations, but the extended time is also unknown due to random reversion times from doing this action. He is capable of changing forms again immediately after a reversion.

So there you go! Scores will be kept, and the results will be announced on July 4th!
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