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Pokémon Black and White

Which one should i get?

The only thing i know are that it's technology versus nature theme and the legendary i get for each game.

All the Pokémon are also different. I still don't know which ones that's good and which ones that's not worth raising. Any suggestion? >.<

Although I kinda like Zekhrom more than Reshiram, so I'll probably get white. :3

Thank you beforehand XD
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Added: 8 years ago
8 years ago
This will sound odd.

Get a rom and get volt white. You will really like it.
All 649 pokemon obtainable w/o trading
Trainers are harder
National Pokémon pre e-4

The rom hack is to die for.
8 years ago
This rom hacks looks interesting to play, but, i am not familiar with the new pokemons yet. I planned to play a 'clean' game and experience everything first. Then after that, i will try the rom hack :3

I think i will get white^^

Thank you for the link, Bro.
8 years ago
bad ass but were would one find a reliable emulator for a DS?
8 years ago

Take your pick from these. There may be others out there, but I generally find the emulators on this site to be reliable.

...though even if you do find a ROM, you may have an EXP bug due to anti-piracy thingies... or you may get freezes/crashes/white or blue screens if you play this on No$GBA... there are fixes for each of these. Though I'd actually like to find an unpatched ROM so I can play the BlazeBlack/VoltWhite hacks mentioned. The one I found was patched already.
8 years ago
ya kalo mo zekhrom ya ambil yang itu tuh. gua lupa
8 years ago
Zekrom itu dari Pokemon white :3
8 years ago
ooh. emang bagusan mana sih? tadi nya mo ambil black sih
8 years ago
Black lebih gampang untuk naikin level, sementara White lebih bermacam - macam pokemonnya.

Lebih jelasnya, liat postingan di bawah.
8 years ago
hoooo battler vs colector toh rupanya XD
8 years ago
First the difference between the two legendaries

Black ver.
Reshiram-Dragon/Fire type
Good Moves
Blue Flame = attack 130 (10 less than Draco Meteor)
Draco Meteor 140
Fire Blast 120

Tornudus- Flying type (based off Fuujin of the Storm Brothers)
Thrash 120
Hammer Arm 100
Hurricane 120

White Ver. (what I got)
Zekrom- Dragon/Electric
Bolt Strike 130
Draco Meteor 140
Thunder 120

Thundurus- Flying/Electric  (based off Raijin of the Storm Brothers)
Same as Tornadus but has more electric moves than flying

City Differences

Opelucid City
Layout same but apperence and Gym Leader differs

Black City (black Ver only)
Able to buy rare item (all stones availble is one possibility)
Get rewarded for beating trainers in Black City (beat ten for 10,000 cash)

White Forest (white ver. only)
Catch Pokemon from other regions such as Bagon and Bellsprout
A free berry each day

Ver only pokemon

Gothita- Psychic (balanced in all stats except Phys Att 2stars (out of 5) in each Balanced stat)
Vullaby- Dark/Flying (base has stats of 2 and 3 stars with none higher than the rest)

Solosis- Psychic (base form has 5 star special attack but low Phys Att and Speed)
Rufflet- Normal/Flying (base has 4 star Phys Att with the rest being a mix of 2 and three stars)

and that's about it that I know of note that many pokemon in this one appear only in certain seasons or in the "different" terrain features such as rippling water or rustling grass.

I hope this helps (I picked up White myself mainly for Zekrom, I liked his look)
8 years ago
I see, thank you^^

From the statistic, it seem Black is way better. Because Reshiram is part fire, thus nullifying one of Dragon weakness -- Ice. That leaves me only Dragon move to battle Reshiram. >.<

But Solosis is in white correct? He is the closest to Alakazam i can think of, except his speed that's is >.<

And Zekrom is really cool.

I started to think to choose white instead.
8 years ago
Let me clarify a bit Solosis is a stage 1 (base form) Pokemon whose Special Attack is equal to an equally leveled Kadabra if not an Alakazam true it's slow as hell but it starts with a 5 star rated Special Attack Stat.

Also in white you can catch pokemon from other regions.
8 years ago
White has more Pokémons while Black has more money, experience, and items right? Thanks to Black City and White Forest. Pokemon diversity is more important i think. Because i heard Gen.V Pokémons are rather limited in their move Typing.

Yeah, Solosis speed is, kinda undesirable. And it's very fragile physically. Before i get Trick Room, i guess i need to chose opponent carefully when using him >.<

Also, i decided to get white, and choose Oshawott as my starter. Got reduced attack but raised speed, good because Oshawott line focused on special attack and he really need that speed boost. But, Is it just me or the starters in White and black are kinda... weak? I never got any trouble with the common mon in the first route before now. In here, Patrat almost killed Oshawott in his very first random battle >.<
8 years ago
I think your journal duplicated. It showed up twice in my notifications.

I honestly can't help you decide which one to get. Personally, if I couldn't decide, I'd probably grab a ROM and play both versions and see which I like better, but that's me. I haven't played either game, so I can't form an opinion either way. ^^''
8 years ago
Sorry about the double journal, maybe i was too excited about this matter and clicked the submit button twice >.<

Get a rom and play both? Seems like a good idea, but i don;t love pokemon enough to dedicate my time to both of them. I want to have fun with one version and complete everything in it, and that will take lots of time >.<

But thanks to everyone help, i think i will choose white XD
8 years ago
=^~°= *catch and huggles*
i have some friends and all start with white *meow
but in the last they buy the black edition too *giggle*
two of the games are fun <3
8 years ago
But, Kimba *hugs and snuggle* I don't have the time to play both. >.<

Maybe i will get white and have fun with it to the fullest.^^
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