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List of my ideas which rip off MLP:FiM

I have to wonder if I have a psychological problem making me rip off ideas from other people.
But maybe you can tell me. :p

Below is a list of every NSFW story idea I had as a result from watching MLP.
Maybe you can help me decide which ones if any I should just give up.

- Idea #1: Twilight and Trixie
Based on: well, Twilight and Trixie
What's used from MLP: Fantasy setting, Ideas for characters (Twi and Trix), relationship between characters. (Twi's relationship with Trix and Celestia)
Notes: This draws from MLP much more than anything else on the list (due to the complex and specific relationships between the characters) ..so much so, that I've actually considered not trying to pass it off as original. *gasp*

- Idea #2: Cadence
Based on: The Cadence/Chrysalis ep, particularly the part where Cadence was trapped in the caves which to me always seemed rather fetish fuel.
What's used from MLP: The character will derive from Cadence and the general situation resembles that ep. Nothing too blatant.
Notes: I was thinking of maybe Cadence being some aqua princess or maybe part of an all girl band. So I'll need to get all that figured out. In fact I can't even decide whether Twilight is involved at all.

- Idea #3: Rarity
Based on: The ep "Dog and Pony Show", and Rarity in general.
What's used from MLP: See above.
Notes: Among other things, the question is what Rarity will do for a living (because I don't think I'd make her a fashionista) and how she is able to find jewels. I was thinking of making her a psychic or gypsy.

- Idea #4: Celestia and Luna
Based on: Celestia and Luna, and their richly developed fanon relationship.
What's used from MLP: Actually.. not much, except things like hair colors coincidentally matching MLP,, or the idea of one sister being outcasted.
Notes: The problem with this idea is that it's incredibly elaborate. Possibly my most elaborate idea ever. On top of the lore, which is all original, the story will lay out the entire relationship between the two which may span over a century. Luna will also have a male love interest which may be related to her fall from grace.

 - Idea #5: Equestria Girls: Celestia Edition
Based on: Similar to Equestria Girls, although I'm not sure that's where I got the idea. The idea is that Celestia chases a villain through a portal and ends up in the human world.
What's used from MLP: The character is for all intents and purposes Celestia.
Notes: The character may have been an angel, anthro, or taur instead of a horse. It's still to be decided.

- Idea #6: MLP: Summer Camp version
Based on: The show in general.
Used from MLP: The mane six as well as Cadence (scout leader), Celestia (owner), and Luna (nurse).
Notes: In my defense, I was not taking this idea seriously, it's just something I randomly thought of one time, and decided to list here anyway. Plus I can see myself making this based on MLP instead of passing it off as original.

Ok, so actually, those above ideas are the main ideas I had. With the first 4 being the "main" main ones.
I was going to list more ideas, but turns out the other ideas are just character designs, not situations. I might as well lay it all out, so here they are:

- I had an idea for a character that's a ripoff of Octavia. Aside from any aesthetic similarities, she will play violin or cello.
- I had an idea for a character that looks like DJ. But any similarities end there.
- I wanted a character based on Mayor Mare. Funny thing is, this was inspired by fanart rather than the show itself. Also wondering if she is in a position of power other than mayor. (such as CEO, journalist, or even president)
- I keep wanting to come up with a character based on Fluttershy. I have 2 or 3 ideas for one, but nothing concrete.

So yea, that's that. You tell me!
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Added: 5 years, 10 months ago
5 years, 10 months ago
do not worry about it, from time to time I am using my own ideas that are not exectly my own too
anyway...you know saying "Imitation is the bigest form of flatery"?
5 years, 10 months ago
Well, to be honest, as much as I love the show and love that the characters aren't as flat and carbon copy as most were in previous generations, the characters in MLP:FiM are not extraordinarily original.  The mane six all very nicely fit into common tropes for groups of friends.

Twilight - The Leader and also The Smart One
Pinkie Pie - Cloud Cuckoo Lander and Plucky Comic Relief
Applejack - The "Big Guy" and also frequently the Team Mom
Rainbow Dash - The Lancer (with the exception that she's not really second-in-command material)
Rarity - The Chick and sometimes Team Mom
Fluttershy - The Heart and (at least for critters) The Medic

These are just a few applicable tropes, but there are many, many more.  Indeed, they and the show are all Troperific.  TV Tropes specifically lists the show as Trope Saturated.  In other words, these characters are compelling because we've seen similar characters many times before, but probably never all of them together and as likable as they are in this show.  This extends to minor characters like Trixie.  Her boastfulness and attitude?  Seen it.  Her habit of referring to herself in the third person?  The TV Tropes page points out that Rarity sometimes does that when talking to herself, and Photo Finish did a variation: "I, Photo Finish, have arrived!"  The two combined are certainly uncommon but probably not unique.  The combination of those traits together with knowing magic but not being very powerful and being an entertainer is what makes her unique.

My point is that if you just extract the aspects of the characters that make them interesting and change up some of the details, your characters will be just as original.
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