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Most Nights I Wish They'd Just Fall Off

There is a scene in MLP:FM where ponies ask Twilight what a device does, she happily answers explaining not only what it does but how, then they turn to Spike and ask the same question getting a very basic answer because they did not understand Twilight even though everything that Spike says was part of what Twilight said.

This is my fucking life - all of it.

Just the other night, two local Furs who do not get out often, vocally wondered why they were popular, I explained that they were kind and agreeable: they did not make arguments and they did not take sides when arguments arose.  There was an unhappy silence for just a moment before the person sitting next to me said, "Let's just say you have class."  I don't understand why it is so bad to tell the truth.  Saying a person has class leaves too much unclear.

I mean no offense to him, but there is someone I've been talking to for a long time that makes me want to cry because I've been trying to help him understand many things in life, so I speak the core of that wisdom and he does not understand because I have answered all of the questions at once rather than each one at a time.  In the end I am not wrong, because when he does figure out his specific problem I point out how his answer is a different wording of what I have already said.  

If you don't understand how the above could happen, consider the following example scenario: all ferrets are weasels, not all weasels are ferrets, and I was talking about care for pet weasels, where he wanted advice for his pet ferret.

Friend has problem or asks question, I give advice/answer, advice/answer is not understood, and I suffer because of continuing dissatisfaction.  This is how it is for just about everyone with whom I communicate.  

I dare to dream of a time and place where I will be understood.
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Added: 5 years, 7 months ago
5 years, 7 months ago
*pat pat*
5 years, 6 months ago
Wisdom cannot be shared, just earned. You can't put an orange into an eggcup after all.
the art of being a wiseman is, using your intelligence to word somwthing you understood with your wisdom in a way  it can be understood with less. This however is so difficult, that most wise people just remain silent and have the others figure their stuff out by themself.
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