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Just a boring up date

I thought I should splash out a update since I've been quiet lately

Work is still stressing me out,  they have changed my schedule again but with all the mandatory overtime you really wouldn't notice... But on top of that they have taken to canceling our breaks I get so stressed dealing with the creeps and extra hours its driving me baty.   Plus the new desk policy means I had to take my picture of my boyfriend home.   What the fuck is the point of giving us an assigned work station if it's required to be exactly like all the others.   I mean I can log in to any computer on the campaign and do all my workout as easy.   But no I have to sit next to the guy who can only talk about 3 things heavy metal, guitars, and halo...  And no amount of ignoring seems to shut him up.

On the plus note the new pay scale may mean I can finally get my own place in a few month's closer to work so much less of a drive and more time for stuff.

And since steam blowing has been superceding my productivity I figured I'd mention the time sucking device in use.   It's poker,  we'll poker night at the inventory 2 really.   This is a fairly realistic Texas holdem poker program the has you playing against Brock Sampson,  Claptrap, Ash from evil dead, and Sam of the freelance police.  And your dealer is glados.   (haven't played one but it featured max, heavy weapons guy, strong bad, and tycho as the players).  Heck the table banter is worth the time lost in itself

And to those who pm me sorry for the silence ill be talkative tomorrow night
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Added: 5 years, 10 months ago
5 years, 10 months ago
Wow, talk about office nazis, or I guess it would be like office commies due to the desk policy, could you put his picture on your computer background maybe? It's good that your getting payed better though, and poker can be pretty fun (I like playing it on red dead redemption).
5 years, 10 months ago
X3 your co-worker is lucky he works with you and not me, I would of flat-out told I really don't care.

"dude.... I don't care. halo is garbage, most metal is incomprehensible screaming with people playing with only speed in their mind..... it gets recycled very fast, not that other genres don't fall prey to that, rather i noticed metal to be in the top 3 that do, following rap and country music, so either bring up something else or your gonna find out that your talking to yourself."
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