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writing down my dream from last night 6/6/2013

I'm alone, I feel strange. like i am falling, and I cant see even though my eyes are open. I can feel the wind blowing upward, I guess I am falling, but why am I surrounded by black? I dont understand. How is this happening? I hear a very faint voice in my head, it's my conscience, I hear it say to me "This is your way to purgatory, don't worry your stay isn't permanent and it will be over very soon". I keep falling for over thirty minutes, by now if I could see I would be able to easily see that I am controlling my free fall. just then, I just barely see a white speck beneath me, it doesn't move and I can't touch it, yet it gradually keeps getting bigger. as it gets bigger I feel heat, and the heat continues to grow along with the clearly visible white dot. The spot becomes the size of a basketball in about ten minutes time, but by then i had already realized that this spot of white was purgatory,and the reason it was white, was because there is faint light in purgatory. It only looks so bright because of the pitch blackness of my fall. I hear my conscience again, it says "well it looks like you got lucky, you didn't see purgatory, and now you will wake up soon". Then I wake up shortly thereafter, sweaty and shivering due to the excess of adrenaline in my veins, and I ask myself " what made me dream this?"
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Added: 5 years, 9 months ago
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