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More choice trolling


KanetheKnight: Sup fags.

KanetheKnight: Wake up.

KanetheKnight: I'm bored, you're my entertainment.

KanetheKnight: Throw a pie, do a jaunty jig, something.

WindWolfOfWar: Sup bigger ****-got

WindWolfOfWar: go to hell

WindWolfOfWar: on your way there say hello to the devil for me

KanetheKnight: No such place exists.

KanetheKnight: Moving on to something less-gay.

KanetheKnight: But what a broad topic.

WindWolfOfWar: Moving on to something less douchebagy

CancerAndHeresy: Haha.

KanetheKnight: Less gay than WindWolfOfWar? We could very-well talk about gay porn.

KanetheKnight: Or two guys kissing and holding hands.

CancerAndHeresy: Kane, you don't seem very liked.

WindWolfOfWar: Hes not

KanetheKnight: When you enter rooms insulting everybody, you tend to get hated on by stupid kids.

MikaylaCullen: ..Oh god.

KanetheKnight: But I've got 200+ fans, and four close friends on here, so it's whatever.

WindWolfOfWar: Why is it seemingly wrong for men to be lovers but not Women?

CancerAndHeresy: Because women on women is hot.

CancerAndHeresy: lolidk

KanetheKnight: Biggotry from religious fags like you, Wind.

KanetheKnight: Go jump off a bridge and meet your fake god.

KanetheKnight: Say hi to Buddha for me on the way.

WindWolfOfWar: Because we men are sexual pigs

KanetheKnight: ...It's like he doesn't even see the text.

Strikerr: I hate religions, all of them.

KanetheKnight: Maybe he's a Slowpoke? Like, the pokemon.

WindWolfOfWar: So?

WindWolfOfWar: Do i care?

KanetheKnight: I bet he'll take a bit and THEN reply to my insults.

Strikerr: Just saying...

Strikerr: Seriously?

WindWolfOfWar: Idc what religon you are.

KanetheKnight: Strikerr, I'm right with you bro.

WindWolfOfWar: Or if you dont even have one

KanetheKnight: All organized religions are stupid wastes of time. Moving on.

Strikerr: 0_0

Strikerr: Thank you Kane.

WindWolfOfWar: ITs a belief its an idea we use to try to understand the world we live in and to try and tell our purpose in life

KanetheKnight: Stop talking.

WindWolfOfWar: Stop being an ass.

CancerAndHeresy: Knock knock. Science.

KanetheKnight: Can't help it, sorry.

KanetheKnight: But you sure can shut the hell up.

KanetheKnight: It's easy.

KanetheKnight: Just take your fingers, and bite down on them as hard as you can.

KanetheKnight: Don't stop until your teeth grind bone.

KanetheKnight: And then go show mommy the new trick you learned.

WindWolfOfWar: Im sorry do you have some new disease that uncontrolably causes you to be an ass no i didnt think so.

Strikerr: Our purpose in life is to live and reproduce. There is actually no point in living, just enjoy the time you have because you're gonna die anyway.

KanetheKnight: Well, except me.

KanetheKnight: I'm gonna live forever.

WindWolfOfWar: No your not

WindWolfOfWar: your not a god

KanetheKnight: you're*

CancerAndHeresy: *You're.

Strikerr: xD 'Cept God Trolls like Kane.

WindWolfOfWar: Ah **** you

KanetheKnight: I'm not a god? No way.

CancerAndHeresy: Dammit Kane.

KanetheKnight: Here I thought I was an atheistic god.

MikaylaCullen: Kane, you causing trouble again?

KanetheKnight: Mikayla... I can't think of a clever retort.

KanetheKnight: Yes.

KanetheKnight: I am.

MikaylaCullen: Oh, fair enough. Carry on then.

KanetheKnight: Sure thing.

KanetheKnight: Hey, Wind, did I mention you eat dicks?

KanetheKnight: Every meal every day.

KanetheKnight: Dicks dicks dicks, yum yum for Wind.
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Buahahahaha you're the greatest Juggs!
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